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    Students will have a great deal of practice solving division word problems as this resource includes 96 problems designed for 4th-5th grades.

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    Give students the practice they need to master beginning long division with these 10 worksheets (160 problems) resource. Students will solve division problems with 2 digit dividends and 1 digit quotients. (No remainders) – Answer Keys provided

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    Give students the practice they need to master long division with these 15 worksheets (165 problems) resource. Students will solve division problems with 2-3 digit dividends and 1 digit divisors. (with and without remainders) – Answer Keys provided

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    Help students learn and understand the basics of division through visual models (division arrays). This resource includes 5 worksheets (8 problems on each) plus answer keys.

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  • $8.00

    This 38 page math glossary has been designed for 3rd-5th grades and includes 129 math terms with definitions and 72 illustrations! Terms include those surrounding basic operations, geometry and elementary statistics.

    (See description below for a complete list of included terms)

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  • February math worksheets for 2nd and 3rd Grades

    This February NO PREP packet is everything you’ll need for an entire month of Math review for 2nd and 3rd grades! Jam packed with a variety of activities to get your students practicing and reinforcing important Math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, word problems, critical thinking, geometry, measurement, time, fractions and more! JUST PRINT AND GO.

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  • Learning to divide words into syllables - rules and helps

    Why teach about syllables? Dividing words into parts, or “chunks” helps speed the process of decoding. Knowing the rules for syllable division can students read words more accurately and fluently. Understanding syllables can also help students learn to spell words correctly. This resource will help your students learn to divide words into syllables!

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  • March Math Task Cards

    This Math center resource has a St. Patrick’s Day theme and provide students with the ability to practice addition, subtraction, early multiplication/division, time, money, shape recognition, number patterns skills! Includes: 64 task cards, Math Center sign, student worksheet and an answer key.

    ** Critical thinking skills will definitely be used! **

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  • parts of the brain

    This Science / Biology / Health resource will help your students learn the different sections of the brain and the major functions of each. Sections included: frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe, cerebellum and medulla oblongata.

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  • $1.50

    This is a downloadable copy of the book. (74 pages)
    About the book: This book was written in 1856 is written in a question – answer format:
    Q. What is Geography?
    A. A description of the Earth’s surfact
    Q. What is the Earth
    A. The planet or body on which we live.
    Q. What is a Continent?
    A. The largest division of land.

    Because it was written in the mid 19th century, all of the maps are outdated…However, this can lend itself to great teaching lessons! Compare and contrast the old with the new. Research what events in history led up to the changes from then to now, etc.!

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  • March math for 3rd Grade

    Designed to help your 3rd grade students practice and reinforce math skills including 4 – 6 digit ordering least to greatest; rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand graphing; addition; subtraction; multiplication, division, critical thinking, geometry (area), measurement (quantity), telling time. Includes 20 fun activity pages.

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  • March Math Center

    March Math Center Materials – Shamrock Counters and Mats contains number cards (1 – 100), counters (individual and groups of ten), and several different math mats (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, counting, and place value).


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  • Counting Cards Frogs

    Number Frogs (with numbers 1-50 PLUS blank cards to add more numbers). In this Math resource, each card comes complete with a large frog and one number. I also include frogs with blanks so that larger numbers or math symbols can be added! Great for number concepts, flash cards, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

    These cute frog cards are colorful and students will love using them!

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  • $2.50

    This unit has been designed to use with various ages and skill levels. GREAT for visual learners as well as your kinesthetic learners who love manipulatives!

    Included in Shamrock Math – Cards, Counters and Mats:
    – Clover ‘shamrock’ counters for numbers 1-100 and additional blank cards
    – 60 individual clover ‘shamrock’ counters
    – Group of tens clover ‘shamrock’ counters (2 styles)
    – Base ten blocks (green): hundreds, tens and ones
    – 8 Math mats
    – 16 Worksheets (varied skill levels)

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  • March Math Skills Review for 2nd-3rd Grades

    March Math Skills Review for 2nd-3rd Grades is a NO PREP, St. Patrick’s Day themed packet and is packed full of engaging activities to keep kids learning and reviewing skills during the month of March!

    NO PREP means…you do not need to laminate, prep or use any color ink. These are simply PRINT & GO pages.

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  • $3.00

    FUN, Colorful, October-themed Math Centers for 1st Grade will provide you the resources you need to create several center activities for your students!

    PLEASE NOTE: This can be used for older students as well! Please check out the description below to see exactly what this resources includes.

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  • $4.00

    This resource includes 77 student worksheets designed to cover a multitude of 2nd-3rd grade math skills such as:

    • – Addition & subtraction (with and without carrying / borrowing)
    • – Word problems
    • – Critical thinking skills
    • – Find the missing addend or subtrahend
    • – Odd & Even numbers
    • – Roman Numerals
    • – Order of operations
    •  – Expanded form
    • – Skip counting (by 50, 100, 250)
    • – Rounding (nearest 10, 100)
    • – Telling time
    • – Counting money
    • – Fractions (equivalent, comparing)
    • – Multiplication & Division
    • – Measurement
    • – Shapes (2D & 3D)
    • – Early Geometry (faces, edges, vertices, perimeter)
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  • Multiplication Drills - Spring Themed

    Give to students so they can practice and reinforce multiplication skills and you to assess their knowledge!

    Includes 11 spring themed worksheets:

    • – Worksheets 1 – 9 are centered around one fact each…
      (i.e page 1 covers x1 ; page 2 covers x2 ; page 9 covers x9s)
    • – Worksheets 10 – 11 are fact family worksheets where students will address both multiplication and division problems of one fact (see example below)…
      ___ x 7 = 21
      7 x __ = 21
      21 ÷ 7 = __
      __÷ 3 = 7
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  • $5.00

    This Winter resource is PRINT and GO – Ready to use and with over 70 student pages can be used throughout the Winter! Perfect for morning work, math centers, homework folders, skill reinforcement and sub-folders.

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  • Celluar Division - Mitosis - Handouts and Posters

    This Science resource has been designed to help students learn the phases of cellular division / reproduction through the process of mitosis. Phases outlined: Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase and Cytokinesis. I’ve include both color and b/w posters / handout, with and without explanations of what actually occurs during each phase.

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