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  • World Geography - Identify Continents and Oceans

    Help Students learn to identify and answer directional questions about the continents (South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Australia, Africa) and oceans (Atlantic, Arctic, Southern, Indian, Pacific) with this resource!

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  • $2.00

    This resource, Continents – World Geography Nomenclature Cards, will help your students learn the shape of each of the seven continents!

    Includes 2 sets:
    – Color set for a Social Studies / Geography Center or for use on an interactive bulletin board
    – B/W set to give each student there own ‘flash’ nomenclature cards

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  • $2.00

    This resource, Oceans – World Geography Nomenclature Cards, will help your students learn the names and locations of the world’s 5 major oceans: Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern.

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  • Wolrd-Geography-Reading-Maps
    Help students master an important life skill, map reading, with this geography resource! It includes maps of 35 countries from around the world and students will practice identifying direction, using a scale of miles/km, reading & using a map key, finding places and determining specific information from given information, calculate distance and more!
    This product is designed for 3th-5th grades but can be a good edition for 6th-8th graders who need extra practicing reading maps!
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  • $3.50

    In geography, students should learn the five themes of geography. Learning these themes will help students begin to think like geographers…organizing space (i.e. ‘the world’) in much the same way as historians organize time. This resource will teach students the five themes plus gives them the opportunity to practice using them!

    – 4.5 pages of informational text explaining the themes in detail
    – A notebooking template and explanation strips for students to use as a study aid
    – An activity that can be used again and again so students can put into practice what they have learned

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  • $5.00

    This resource has been designed so that students can use to report on any country throughout the world! Students can use this resource time and time again and create an entire collection of country lapbooks. A large variety of templates are included (see description below) as well as instructions on how to construct a lapbook, teacher directed assignments page and evaluation rubric.

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  • High School World History 1 - Student Edition

    This student textbook covers World History 1 and is a large download (617 pages). It includes 21 units (see description below for details).

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  • $9.99

    This is the Teacher’s Guide to World History 1. It is a 242 page resource and includes the following for each unit:

    • Unit Focus
    • Suggestions for Enrichment
    • Unit Assessment
    • Keys

    See description below for unit titles.

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