This Halloween craft is so much fun, and kids always love seeing how their finished projects turn out! It’s also a great project for discussing positive and negative space, as well as symmetry.


  • One sheet of 12 inch x 18 inch black construction paper
  • One sheet of 12 inch x 9 inch orange construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue

1. Start by drawing half a pumpkin on your orange sheet of paper. Make sure your orange paper is vertical. (Older kids can probably freehand this.)


draw half a pumpkin


2. Cut out the pumpkin shape. Flip the outline of the pumpkin over onto the other side of the black paper.

3. Draw an eye, half a nose, and half a mouth onto your orange paper.

4. Cut them out and flip the cut pieces over and place them onto the black paper. (The eye is the most challenging to cut out for children. I show them how to lightly fold the paper where they want the eye to be and then make a small snip with their scissors. Unfold the paper and stick your scissors in the resulting hole. When you glue the cut-out eye onto the black paper, the poked hole is not very noticeable.)

5. Glue all your pieces down. You’re done!