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Many companies will give educator (teacher) discounts to homeschooling parents! (READ MORE HERE)
To access discounts, many will require that you show an educator ID.
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My Teaching Library’s All-Access Membership

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My Teaching Library has made it possible for you to homeschool and teach PreK-12th grades, regardless of how many children you are homeschooling or in your classroom.
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My Teaching Library is dedicated to continually adding NEW products throughout the year! We post NEW products on our FB Group first. You’ll also want to join our newsletter!

Here are just a sample of the awards won by My Teaching Library…

How Much Can You Really Save?

You want the following products and decide to pay for each…

Mega-Organizer | For School, Home and Office ($24)
1st Grade Math Skills Mega Bundle | One FULL Year ($40)
Math Posters BUNDLE | Shapes ($6.25)
Pre-Algebra BUNDLE | Adding and Subtracting Decimals ($7.50)
Grammar QUICK Reference Chart BUNDLE ($4)
1st Grade Reading Vocabulary | Complete ($20)
Learning to Read | Sight Word Bundle ($8)
CVC -ab Word family | Interactive Phonics ($3)
Children’s Literature ($5)
Guided Note Taking ($2)
Latin Word Roots | Reference ($3)
Marine Science Student Edition ($9.99)
Marine Science Teacher Guide ($9.99)
Geography Notebooking | Western Europe Bundle ($20)
American Government Student Text ($9.99)
American Government Teacher’s Guide ($9.99)

You would pay $182.71!

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What are ALL-ACCESS members saying about My Teaching Library and membership? 


I personally love the fact that I can find everything I need to make my homeschooling journey easier right here.

What we love about this program: It is so incredibly FLEXIBLE! I would say this is a perfect site for educational resources simply because there is so much available on it!

If you are like me and you teach 2 completely different grades, you are always looking for products that you can use for both students while not breaking the bank. I was blown away by the amount of materials I found.

Everything feels like it’s right there at your fingertips just waiting to be accessed. Need a book study? They’ve go them. Need a book? They’ve got lots of those in ebook form too! need a gread sheet, transcript or ready log? Of course the membership includes those too!

Here are some examples of the resources you will have access to….

Need Kindergarten Resources?

Need 4th Grade Resources? 

Need 7th Grade Resources?

Need 12th Grade Resources?


…and remember, ALL-ACCESS membership is a family and classroom membership.

My Teaching Library has thousands of ready to download, print and use resources!

a year for only $60 or a lifetime for only $275