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Be included in "Let's Teach!"

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Available in eZine and .pdf formats

The magazine is a quarterly publication. 
The most current issue will always be interactive here on the site and available for .pdf download.
Past editions will be available for download for at least two years after publication so your inclusion will continue to be seen!

Submission Deadlines and Publication Dates

Fall – Submission deadline: August 15 / Publication: 1st week of September
Winter – Submission deadline: November 15 / Publication: 1st week of December
Spring – Submission deadline: Feb 15/ Publication: 1st week of March
Summer – Submission deadline: May 15 / Publication: 1st week of June

4 Ways to Be Included:

  1. Advertisement (Paid)
  2. Contribute Worksheet(s) or Unit (Paid)
  3. Be a Guest Author (Free)
  4. Full Page “Swag Ads” (Free)

Option 1

Advertisement (Paid)

Full Page or Half Page Ad (+ Link) may be purchased.
For details on purchasing an ad in one (or more) future issues, please contact Cynthia Tiffany @ byhisgracepromo@gmail.com
(Ask about bundle discounts!)

Option 2

Contribute Worksheet(s) or Unit (Paid)

Place your worksheet(s) inside “Let’s Teach!” for only $10 per page, plus a $15 fee to add a link your page(s).  This fee to link remains the same, regardless of how many pages you pay to add. You may add up to 10 pages. (For example, you want to submit a one page linked worksheet, you’ll pay $10 for the worksheet and $15 to have it linked for a total of $25. If you want to submit a short unit of 6 pages, you’ll pay $60 for the pages and $15 for the link for a total of $75.)

– All worksheets must be your original work.
– Make sure to add your name, business name and/or website/blog link to your work so our readers can find you and that you are known as the author! (You retain the copyright of your work. ​

Readers will download the magazine in .pdf format and print your worksheet(s) with your identifying information and a clickable link!

If you’d like to pay to have your worksheet(s) added to the next issue:

  1. Click the link below. 
  2. Select how many worksheets you’d like to contribute and then pay.

Once payment is made, we will email you to let you know where to upload your worksheets and link. 

$10 per page (1 to 10 pages)
$15 (one time charge regardless of the number of pages)
Contribute Worksheet(s) or a Unit with LINK

(When purchasing on a mobile phone, please click ‘details’ to choose the number of pages you want to contribute)

Option 3 - FREE

Write a Guest Article (Free)

Article categories:

  • – Parenting
  • – Learning Styles
  • – Teaching Methods (examples: Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschooling, Unit Studies, Eclectic, etc.)
  • – Homeschool Encouragement, Tips and Tricks
  • – Seasonal Fun, Crafts, Recipes and Advice

Article Guidelines:

  • – Your article should be original and exclusively written for “Let’s Teach!” magazine.
    You may rewrite a previously written article or blog post, but make it fresh and evergreen!
  • Article length: 400-700 words (.doc or .pdf file)
  • – Your article should be informative, encouraging and written in an inviting and casual tone.
    Articles are not to be direct promotions of you, your business or a product. Share your wisdom, expertise and/or advice. Then, when our readers learn from you they will want to learn more and be led to click your promotional link in the “About the Author” paragraph!
  • – No links in the article itself.
    However, a link is allowed and encouraged in your “About the Author” paragraph!
  • (OptionalYou may submit up to two, high quality, .png photos to be used within your article.
    If you submit images, please do not place them inside of the text in your article .doc or .pdf file. There will be a place to upload the photos separately when you submit your materials. Whether or not you opt to submit your own article related images, images will always be added to all articles, at our discretion, to draw audience attention to your

“About the Author” paragraph
Please write a paragraph about yourself! You can use this paragraph to promote your business, your website and/or blog, and your product(s) and/or the services that you offer!

  • May be up to 100 words in length.
  • – A link is highly encouraged and counts as one word.  
  • (Optional) We encourage you to submit a photo of yourself.

Approved guest articles must be submitted via our online form. This information will be given to you upon approval of your idea.

To submit your article idea/topic to be considered, please complete the form @ Submit an Article Idea


Option 4 - FREE

Full-Page “Swag Ads” (Free)

Swag Ads” can advertise your business, a special product, or a special offer and will include a link! This option is available to anyone who owns an email list for 1,000 readers or more and it’s FREE!

How it works:
My Teaching Library will give you 1, 2 or 3 full-page “swag ads” depending on the size of your email list.

– 1,000 to 5,000 subscribers =’s 1 Swag Ad
– 5,001 to 15,000 subscribers =’s 2 Swag Ads
– 15,000 and up subscribers =’s 3 Swag Ads

In return for FREE Swag Ad(s) appearing in “Let’s Teach!”, you agree to send out a dedicated email to your list about the issue in which your ad(s) appear no later than the 15th of the following month of publication about the issue. You have free reign to create your own email designed to fit your readership. All we ask is that the email is dedicated to letting them about the newest “Let’s Teach!” with a link to it. Materials will be provided in a google drive folder (images, swipe, etc.) that you may use.

(Optional) To reserve your Swag Ad spots in an upcoming issue, complete the form @ Swag Ad Reservation Form (When you reserve a spot, we will place you on a list to email you when the submission deadline is approaching if we haven’t already received your ad(s).)

To submit a Swag Ad for an upcoming issue, complete the form @ SWAG AD SUBMISSION FORM


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