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Be included in "Let's Teach!" Digital Magazine!

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The magazine is a quarterly publication. 
The most current issue will always be interactive here on the site and available for .pdf download.
Past editions will be available for download for at least two years after publication so your inclusion will continue to be seen!

Submission Deadlines and Publication Dates

Fall – Submission deadline: August 15 / Publication: 1st week of September
Winter – Submission deadline: November 15 / Publication: 1st week of December
Spring – Submission deadline: Feb 15/ Publication: 1st week of March
Summer – Submission deadline: May 15 / Publication: 1st week of June

We offer 4 Options!


– Paid Advertisement   – Contribute Worksheet(s) or Unit   – Be a Guest Author (Free)   – Full Page “Swag Ads” (Free)

Option 1

Purchase an Ad (+ Link)

To purchase an ad, under the ad size you want, click on the quarterly edition in which you want to have your ad placed.
Once payment is made, a receipt will be emailed to you and we will email you with a link to submit your materials!
Have questions? Email us: admin@myteachinglibrary.com

Full Page Ad with Link: $300
Specs: 8″ x 10″

Half Page Ad with Link: $200
Specs: 8″ x 5″

Quarter Page Ad with Link: $125
Specs: 4″ x 5″ (or) 2″ x 10″

Eighth Page Ad with Link: $75
Specs: 2″ x 5″ (or) 4″ x 2.5″

Option 2


Get your work seen and used by our readers – Contribute Free Worksheets or a Unit!


 Get your work in front of and used by potential customers starting at only $10!


Readers will download the magazine in .pdf format and print your worksheet(s).
All worksheets must be your original work.
Make sure to add your name, business name and/or website/blog link to your work so our readers can find you and that you are known as the author!
(You retain the copyright of your work)


We have two options available: Contribute Worksheets or a Unit alone (or) add a link to all your pages!

Select the option you prefer and once payment is made, a receipt will be emailed to you and
we will email you where and how to submit your work!
Have questions? Email us: admin@myteachinglibrary.com


$10 per page (1 to 10 pages)
(Ex- 5 page unit equals 5 pages)
Contribute Worksheet(s) or a Unit

$10 per page (1 to 10 pages)
$15 to add links to your page(s)
Contribute Worksheet(s) or a Unit with LINK

(If choosing this option and purchasing on a mobile phone, please click ‘details’ to choose the number of pages you want to contribute)

Option 3 - FREE


Write a Guest Article (FREE to You!)


We are specially looking for articles that will fall under one of the following categories:

– Parenting
– Learning Styles 
– Teaching Methods
(examples: Classical, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschooling, Unit Studies, Eclectic, etc.)
– Homeschool Encouragement, Tips and Tricks
– Seasonal Advice, Crafts and Tips
(Based around each quarterly edition: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)
  • We want articles that…
– Are original and exclusively written for “Let’s Teach!” magazine
(You retain the copyright)
– Demonstrate your expertise and/or direct experiential knowledge of the subject/topic but are not a direct promotion for your business and/or product(s).
– Written in an inviting and casual tone.
– Are between 400-700 words in length (This does not include the ‘About the Author’ paragraph – See “Our Thank You to Authors” below)

You may also submit up to two high quality photos to be included.

Our “Thank You” to Authors…

As a “Thank you” for contributing as a guest writer and to promote you and your business and/or blog, we would love for you to also write an ‘About the Author’ paragraph to be placed alongside your article! In this paragraph, you may provide information about yourself, your business, and a link. This link can be to your website, blog, blog post or to a product. We also hope that we might share a photo of yourself as well!


Submit Your Proposal…

To submit your article idea/topic to be considered, please email us: admin@myteachinglibrary.com
Include the Category/Topic for your article and a brief description of what you’d like to write.
You do not need to include the entire article. Once we receive your submission, we will be in contact with you about your proposal!


Option 4 - FREE


Full Page “Swag Ads” for Our Readers

This option is available to anyone who owns an email list for 1,000 readers or more and it’s FREE Advertising for you!


This is how it works:

My Teaching Library will give you up to 3 FULL page “swag ads” depending on the size of your email list and, in return, you agree to send out a dedicated email to your list about the quarterly issue, (which your Swag Ad(s) are included), is published. You have free reign to create your own email designed to fit your readership. All we ask is that the email is dedicated to letting them about the newest “Let’s Teach!” digital magazine with a link to read it. That’s it!


How many FULL PAGE “Swag Ads” do you qualify for: 
Email List Size FULL Page “Swag Ads”
1,000 to 5,000 1
5,001 to 15,000 2
15,001 – Unlimited 3


 FULL PAGE “Swag Ads” can advertise your business, a special product, or a special offer and will include a link!

When creating your ad(s), know that the more enticing the ad / offer, the more likely readers will click on the link.
In return for your free “Swag Ad(s)”, we require you share “Let’s Teach!” magazine in an exclusive email no later than the 20th of the month
in which the quarterly issue is published. Winter Issue Exception: Email send deadline is extended through January 20th.

Want to Partner with “Let’s Teach!” and My Teaching Library for “Swag Ads”?

Email us @  admin@myteachinglibrary.com
In your email, please include the size of your list and which edition you want to have your “Swag Ad(s)”
We will then contact you!