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I'm excited that you are considering writing a guest article for "Let's Teach!"
Guest articles are a way for you to reach a wide audience and for them to learn about your knowledge, experience and expertise!

Before submitting your article idea, please read the following guidelines: 

  • Your article should be original and exclusively written for “Let’s Teach!” magazine.
    You may use previously written articles as a launching board but please make enough changes that readers (if they are already followers of your work already) will not feel like they are rereading something they’ve already read from you. Make it fresh and evergreen as possible!
  • Your article should demonstrate your expertise and/or direct experiential knowledge of the subject/topic.
  • Your article should be written in an inviting and casual tone.
  • No links are allowed within the article itself.
    However, a link is allowed and encouraged in your “About the Author” paragraph!
  • Your article should be informative and educational and cannot be a direct promotion for your business and/or products.
    Readers will read your article because they want to learn from you! When you demonstrate your knowledge, experience and expertise through your writing, they will want to learn more from you and be led to click your promotional link in the “About the Author” paragraph, (further information given below)!
  • Article length: 400-700 words
  • Must be submitted as a .doc or .pdf
  • (Optional) You may submit up to two, high quality, .png photos to be used within your article.
    If you submit images, please do not place them inside of the text in your article .doc or .pdf file. There will be a place to upload the photos separately when you submit your materials. Whether or not you opt to submit your own article related images, images will always be added to all articles, at our discretion, to draw audience attention to your

“About the Author” paragraph
Please write a paragraph about yourself! You can use this paragraph to promote your business, your website and/or blog, and your product(s) and/or the services that you offer! One link is allowed and encouraged in your separate “About the Author” paragraph.  

  • May be up to 100 words in length.
  • May include a link (which counts only as one word).
  • (Optional) We encourage you to submit a photo of yourself.

Guest articles must be submitted via our online form. Submit materials at this link: Magazine Article Submission no later than the deadline given for your selected issue, see below.

 Materials to be submitted via our online form:

  • The .doc or .pdf file of your article
  • A working title for your article
  • A separate .doc or .pdf file with your ‘About the Author’ paragraph
  • (Optional) A photo of yourself.
  • (Optional) One or two high quality .png images to be placed within your article that directly relate to the text.

If you have any questions before continuing to submit your idea, please email me at admin@myteachinglibrary.com

You can also view this information anytime on Google drive, here. Please bookmark this link so you can find it easily!

Once I've received your article idea, watch for an email from me!

Again, thank you for considering writing for "Let's Teach!",


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