Homeschool Curriculum – Choosing What Works for Your Family

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My Teaching Library is an award-winning, parent-recommended, comprehensive site, offering you flexible, child-centered materials for all core subjects PreK-12th grade which will allow you to create an educational experience designed just for your children and family!

As a parent, you will have the ability to select what you want to use, and when you want to use it, all based on your child(ren)’s abilities and skill levels while considering what works for your unique situation. 

What makes My Teaching Library different?

Instead of a one-size-fits-all boxed curriculum, you will find a variety of educational materials designed to give you and your child(ren) choices. Because every child is unique, they learn at different rates and may have different learning styles!

Boxed (prepared, step by step, created for the masses) curriculum sets simply are not designed for the individual but are based on whatever the creator believes will be the pace and learning style of the children using them. 

What may seem to be a simpler, easier option for parents, (a boxed, set curriculum), can easily end up as an expensive investment that is thrown to the side and never completed because it just ‘wasn’t right’ for their child(ren).

My Teaching Library puts an end to the purchasing of expensive curriculum designed for the masses. On My Teaching Library, you will find materials that exemplify excellence while providing a fun, varied learning journey. One that is parent-chosen and led.

Check out the variety of resources for students:

Full subject curriculum sets
Skills and concept-based workbooks and worksheets
Fun, project-based resources, including lapbooking and notebooking units
Book units and novel studies
Games and activities
Classroom décor, posters, flashcards and bulletin board materials

Check out the variety of resources for parents:

Homeschool record keeping forms: attendance, course of study checklists, transcript form, grade keepers, lesson and project planners, field trip logs, reading logs and grading rubrics
Family organization helpers: calendars, chore charts, home record-keeping forms, to-do lists and more

MEETING YOUR CHILDREN WHERE THEY ARE Instead of a ‘grade-level’ only focus, a greater focus is placed on teaching needed and required skills and concepts as each child progresses through their educational journey.

On My Teaching Library, you’ll easily be able to navigate from the home page to a list of skills and concepts divided by the grade(s) in which they are typically taught as a guide. 

These lists will guide you as the parent, to take full control of your child(ren)’s educational journey by choosing what is right for them at any given time.

If your child is excelling in a particular subject, why hold them to a boxed, grade-level curriculum where boredom sets in and the love for learning dies? If your child is not at grade-level in a subject, why set them up only to struggle to complete a grade-level curriculum only leading to frustration and tears?

These skills and concept lists are divided into the following categories to act as your guide:

Preschool – Kindergarten
1st – 3rd grades
4th – 5th grades
6th-8th grades
9th-12th grades

You will also see an amazing array of “top suggested resources” ready to use, plus there are thousands of additional resources available to you on the site that can be easily found through the online catalog.

Instead of paying for expensive curriculum sets or paying piece by piece for individual products from different providers, My Teaching Library offers an unlimited, very affordable, ALL-ACCESS FAMILY MEMBERSHIP

ALL-ACCESS members have unlimited free access and a license to use everything on the site for the term of their membership.

There are two membership plans available: annual and lifetime!

All materials are same-day accessible! That is because everything is digital. You simply need to download, print and use it. No paying for shipping or waiting for materials to arrive.

Whether you are looking for a full year’s worth of materials or want to add a fun, same-day, out-of-the-box, interest-driven lesson, you have everything at your fingertips instantly!