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About our newsletters: First, we will never spam your inbox nor will we ever sell your information.

We send out two types of emails: Sponsored and Non-Sponsored.
You remain in control of the type of newsletters you receive from us and can change your preference at any time
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Non-Sponsored email – An email written by us about our products and happenings we think you’ll want to know about.
Sponsored email: An email we send out on behalf of a trusted, family and/or education related advertiser.

(Why send out sponsored emails? Sponsored emails help us keep our product and membership prices low for you as well as introducing you to companies and products we think may add value to your family’s life and education.)

In a typical week, if you opt to receive BOTH of types, you’ll receive between 1 – 3 emails.
That means that if you open and read each email for a given week, you’ll be rewarded a THANK YOU CASH Code for each…and that CASH can add up quickly!!
Use one at time or combine for greater savings.

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How to Use CASH Codes…

Customers that are not All-Access Members

Each CASH code will save you $1 off any product or products in our library of products. Use one at a time or combine them when you check out to save even more!!

  • – Getting each CASH code? When you receive an email from My Teaching Library, read the email and write down the CASH code. Write down the expiration date too. (The expiration date is 30 days after the given ‘Date of Email’) To help keep codes coming, please click on at least one link in each email!
  • Each CASH code will be valid for 30 days from the ‘date of email’ that is listed by the CASH code
  • – How to Use? Simply type in the code(s) you want to use at checkout!

* Each CASH code can be used only one time per customer (family and/or IP address). PLEASE NOTE: MTL  will ban customers that violate our one customer rule (i.e. trying to cheat the system). We understand that homeschooling / teaching is expensive and that is why MTL does everything we can to keep prices low and to offer C.A.S.H. codes. Cheating will not be tolerated.

* You may use CASH codes to purchase an All-Access membership! CASH codes have a 30 day expiration, so you must use within that time frame. If you purchase a membership subscription using CASH codes, you may cancel anytime before your automatic renewal is charged one year from the date of purchase. If not canceled, your automatic renewal will be at the full subscription price. You can SAVE on the renewal costs using CASH codes but to do so, you must read and follow the information under the section “Annual All-Access Members” 


Annual ALL-ACCESS Members

You can use CASH codes to help defray the cost of a renewing a subscription! This can be done after your subscription has been renewed. You can use up to $30* annually, based on the date of your initial membership purchase.

*Annual Members who subscribed to All-Access:
– Prior to 3/22/24 are eligible to receive up to a $30 refund per year
– On or after 3/22/24 are eligible to receive up to a $10 refund per year

Here is how it works:
Download your CASH form here.
– Every time you open an email from MTL, jot down the CASH code and the date of the email on the form.

– When you receive a notification that your subscription has been automatically renewed, forward that renewal notification along with your CASH form. The codes will be verified and then a refund will be issued via your renewal payment method. (*Not to exceed subscription renewal price)

Please note:
– My Teaching Library CASH codes are only valid for one year from the date the original email was sent.   Any code from an email from more than one year from date of requested use will not be honored.
– Requests to use cash codes for refund of a subscription renewal must be received no later than 14 days after the date of that renewal.