My Teaching Library C.A.S.H.

How does My Teaching Library CASH work?


To earn My Teaching Library CASH, you must be a newsletter subscriber.
In every email sent out by My Teaching Library (whether a website newsletter or a sponsored email),
a CASH code will be included! Each CASH code is worth $1 and can be used by you to SAVE on
MTL products or on an All-Access subscription plan.

CASH codes can be used individually or combined for greater savings!

Customers (Purchasing individual products)

If you are not an All-Access subscriber, you must purchase each product. Each CASH code will save you $1 off any product or products in our library of products. Use one at a time or combine them when you check out to save even more.

  • – How will you get your CASH codes? When you receive an email from My Teaching Library, open it, find and write down the CASH code. You may also want to write down the expiration date too. (The expiration date is 30 days after the given ‘Date of Email’)
  • – How long will each code be valid? Each CASH code will be valid for 30 days from the *original email.
  • – How can you use the CASH Codes?
    * You may use each CASH code individually or you can combine them with additional codes that have not yet expired. During checkout, simply apply each code.
    * You may use them on any product or products.
    * You may also use them to purchase an “All Access” subscription. If you purchase a  subscription and using the CASH code discounts, please be aware that your automatic renewal will be at the full subscription price. However, you can still save on future subscription renewals! Read how under “Subscribing Members.”
    ** Please note: For your initial subscription, you must use CASH codes at the time you checkout and can only use those that are currently valid. CASH codes do have a 30 day expiration date which begins from the date of the original email in which it was posted. After you’ve purchased your initial subscription, once it is renewed you may follow the instructions on how to continue saving on future renewals under “Subscribing Members.”
    * Each CASH code can be used only one time per customer.
    * Products purchased using C.A.S.H. codes will need to be downloaded within 30 days of the order and only 1 download per product will be permitted.
*Original email – Every email sent out by My Teaching Library is automatically resent to emails that have not opened them 72 hours after the original email was sent. Expiration dates are determined by the original email send date.

Annual ALL-ACCESS Subcribers

You can use CASH codes to help defray the cost of a renewing a subscription! This can be done after your subscription has been renewed. You can use up to $30 annually*.

Here is how it works:
Download your My Teaching Library CASH form here.
– Every time you open an email from MTL, jot down the CASH code and the date of the email on the form.

  • – When you receive a notification that your subscription has been automatically renewed, forward that renewal notification along with your CASH form. The codes will be verified and then a refund will be issued via your renewal payment method. (*Not to exceed subscription renewal price)
Please note that CASH codes used to defray subscription renewal fees are only valid for one year from the date the original email was sent and all requests to use CASH codes to defray a renewed subscription must be received no later than 14 days after the date of that renewal. These and all details are included on the My Teaching Library CASH form.

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