How to Download as a Subscribing Member

As a subscribing member of My Teaching Library, we’ve made it easy by giving you two ways to access the resources you need!

Method #1: Ordering from a Search Page

This is the method you use when ordering from a search page that looks like this…

On the search page, you’ll see “FREE” for each product.

1. To get your resource, hover over the ‘cart’ symbol and when you do, you will see ‘download’. Click it!

2. Then in the top right corner of the site, you’ll see ‘Account’. Click ‘Account’ to go your your individual account page.

3.  On your account page, click ‘Downloads’ in the blue box.

4. You’ll then be taken to the resources you’ve chose. To download, simply click the title under ‘downloads’.


Method #2: Checkout

This method is used when you order from an individual resource page that looks like this…

As a member, you’ll see “FREE” under the title.

1. To get your resource, click “Buy Now”. You’ll then be taken to your cart where the price will show $0.00.

2. Proceed through checkout.

3. Once you checkout, you’ll see a page like this…

4. Simply click the title under “Download”.

Each resource is set up for a one time download. If for some reason, you lose the file or didn’t save it properly, simply go through one of the methods above to re-download your resource. If you have an questions, please don’t hesitate to email!