Every child deserves an education that meets them where they are and in a style that works for them.  As a parent and a teacher, all you need is a progressive guide (road map) and the right curriculum materials to use!  To guide you through the learning journey, below are links to comprehensive lists of skills and concepts ‘typically taught’ by grade level. Use these as a guide to know where a child is, meet them there and progress at their own unique pace using the curriculum materials here on My Teaching Library!


1st - 3rd Grades

4th-5th Grades

6th-8th Grades

9th-12th Grades

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Having this website will help any school teacher or homeschool parent find amazing resources for their kids.
Michelle Customer
There are a lot of websites that offer educational printables. However, what I really love about My Teaching Library is that I can get absolutely everything in one place.
Molly Customer
What we love about this program: It is so incredibly FLEXIBLE! I would say this is a perfect site for educational resources simply because there is so much available on it!
Jenny Customer
When you download a resource, it goes into your account's Download Library... I like this feature, because I could download several different resources and they were sent right to my Download Library, ready for me when I was ready for them!
Megan Customer
There is so much on the MTL that I can rave about....My Teaching Library is an amazing resource that I definitely recommend for all.
Archie Customer
The Download Club from My Teaching Library has been a Godsend. Not just for the younger kids, but high school kids too. There is even some things on there just for me….
Vicki Customer
Every grade level from Pre-K through 12 is covered with My Teaching Library. They even have a helpful planning resource that shows you what subjects and topics should be taught at every grade level.
Jessica Customer
Lots of great resources for organization including a transcript record, course of study records, activities log, desk toppers, calendars, and more. These would be great for homeschool, co-op, or a classroom teacher. There were also glossaries for various subjects, lined papers, templates, and even a college application guide.
Dawn Customer
An amazing site where you can find hundreds of high-quality homeschool resources on just about every topic imaginable!
Life in the Nerddom Customer
This website has several miscellaneous resources for your whole family – classroom management, seasonal themed learning, interactive learning, puzzles, games, instructional videos, and more.
Susan Reed Customer
The website is easy to navigate and broken down into different categories for search options.
Erin Customer
There really are so many resources, so I would encourage you to check it out for yourself!
Slow Down, Enjoy and Create Customer
We've enjoyed using My Teaching Library, and will continue to draw on the resources on the site in the future, especially the seasonal activities! It's always nice to have carefully curated content easily available so that I don't have to spend valuable time searching for free resources on my own - these are all included in my membership, and all high quality!
Rosie Customer
I recommend the Download Club from My Teaching Library for any teacher both homeschool and public school teachers. It’s well worth it.
Renee Customer

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