In 2010, experienced educator Lynda Ackert began sharing a few of her educational worksheets and unit studies with parents and teachers through a small blog site. In 2014, she formed her parent company CHSH-Teach, LLC as demand for her resources grew. By 2018, plans for her new website, My Teaching Library, were realized. Today, Lynda continues to create exciting new resources for the library. A library filled with thousands of ready-to-use, printable downloads.

Lynda has 30+ years of experience in education. She has earned two Bachelor of Science degrees, one in education and the other in psychology. She has also completed multiple postgraduate courses. She worked in the public school system in the U.S. and Japan before becoming a full-time homeschooling parent.

Her educational journey and teaching experiences have only solidified her belief that every child is a masterpiece and thus are all different. Trying to teach them all the same isn’t the answer. We should nurture every child as a unique learner.

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Award-winning My Teaching Library follows the philosophy that every child is a masterpiece and that we should nurture every child as a unique learner.

To do so, means you need to have a large resource base of teaching materials from which to choose. You need to be able to say, “This isn’t working, let me try something different.” or “He hasn’t grasped this concept yet so let’s keep working.” You need to be able to take bunny trails when appropriate and not forget that it is good to cater to a child’s emerging interests.

So why choose My Teaching Library?

  • We offer a large, ever-expanding library of ready-to-use, printable downloads that can accommodate a variety of learning styles and interests. We also offer classroom and organizational resources, posters, flashcards and more!
  • We provide grade-level lists of skills and concepts to guide you through the years.
  • We make teaching affordable!

Our large, ever-expanding library of teaching resources includes both skills-based and unit/topic-based materials for PreK-12th grade. Some take the form of worksheets, while others are hands-on, interactive, project-based units. We also offer some complete curriculum textbooks, especially for older students. Many resource sites only offer PreK-6th or 8th grades. We offer resources all the way through 12th grade.

Our grade-level lists of skills and concepts are easily accessible on our home page and can guide you as your go throughout each year. These lists cover what is typically taught during each grade, but please keep in mind that every student is unique. These are simply guides to show you what is considered grade-level work. A student’s educational journey is 13 years long (Kindergarten – 12th grade) and, for most students, mastery comes from years of practice and exposure.

We make teaching affordable! The best way we have found to do this is to offer All-Access memberships. When you become an All-Access member, you have free access to the teaching materials, organizational helps and classroom materials you need. No need to pay for individual units, worksheets, or any other resource. Learn more on our All-Access membership page!

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