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  • Bolivia Country Study | Notebooking Unit

    This is a country study resource on South American country of Bolivia focusing on the 5 Themes of Geography! There are a lot of country studies but this one is different.

    This study will ask students to ‘think like a geographer‘ in their research and recording. Using this resource, students will…

    • – Learn about the country of Bolivia
    • – Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to synthesize information and write about Bolivia through a 5 themes of geography lens.
    • – Create a wonderful project displaying their learning.


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    People of the Bible Notebooking BUNDLE contains 27 complete units and over 300 pages ready to use for creating fantastic Bible Notebooking projects!

    People included in this 2 volume bundle are…
    Aaron, Abel, Boaz, Elijah, Elisha, Gideon, Isaac, Abraham, David, Abigail, Andrew, Barnabas, Jesus, Paul, Peter, Matthew, John the Baptist, John, Judas Iscariot, Luke, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Deborah, Hannah, Jacob, Job, Joshua

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    This BUNDLE designed for K-2nd grade on the United States Presidents is a NO PREP resource… JUST PRINT AND GO!

    EACH president section contains 5 student pages:

    • * Coloring page
    • * Color & Trace page with basic facts
    • * Color & Write page for students to complete the name of the president, his birthday and 2 facts about him
    • * Color & Write page for students to create a short report
    • * Mini-Book for students to complete about the president

    This COMPLETE BUNDLE is a ZIP FILE of all four volumes currently on the site! (Please note: You must be able to open a zip file to access this file)

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    This BIG BUNDLE contains over 700 pages! Each state has 14 pages designed for students to write, draw and express what they are learning and/or have learned about each state bird.

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