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  • Easter Language Arts Unit with Vocabulary

    Help your students learn and practice using new vocabulary words during March and April with a fun, Easter themed resource which contains a variety of Language Arts skills throughout including grammar, spelling, alphabetizing, using words in context, sentence writing and more. (Includes some differentiated activities)

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  • $1.50

    Help students develop their critical thinking skills while having a bit of Spring FUN! Here are four puzzles that your students are sure to enjoy…
    -Word Maze
    -Mystery Picture
    -Brain Teaser

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  • $1.00

    Here are two activities that students can do to get them thinking about Earth Day and recycling:

    1. The first is a Venn diagram on which students will select 2 materials (from a given list) and compare and contrast them. (examples from the list: paper vs. plastic / natural vs man-made / can be decomposed vs cannot be decomposed)
    2. The second activity will ask students to choose 5 things that can be recycled (from a given list) and give as many examples as they can for each.
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  • $3.99

    This Monthly Writing Prompts Journal is for the month of April and has been designed to help students think, create and express their own ideas and opinions on a variety of topics.

    There is a separate journal page for each day of the month that provides students with writing prompt. Some prompts a light-hearted while others are designed to make students critically think about issues, values, etc.

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  • $0.75

    Here is a fun Language Arts activity that will require students to put on their thinking caps! There are 10 Spring riddles requiring a rhyming word to answer.

    What plants do that rhymes with pout?
    (Answer: Sprout)

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  • $4.00

    This is a large unit with multiple activities for 2nd-4th grades!

    It includes:

    • – A COMPLETE Lapbooking unit
    • – A VARIETY of Language arts activities including vocabulary work (Earth, recycle, reuse, reduce, conserve, resources, water, land, air, awareness, environment, clean, responsible, renewable, energy, natural) ; Mini-Books to create ; Reading comprehension ; Earth Day similes ; Poetry creation and more!
    • Science Activities such as materials categorizing and sorting
    • – Answer Keys
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  • $1.00

    Two Earth Day themed word search puzzles for your students!

    • – Words for Puzzle #1: animal, earth, green, growth, plant, recycle
    • – Words for Puzzle #2: animal, conserve, earth, ecology, environment, growth, plant, recycle, reduce, reuse, soil, water

    Why word puzzles? Studies have shown that word search and other word puzzles can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, word recognition, pattern recognition, and overall mental acuity!

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  • $1.00

    2 fun maze puzzles with an Earth Day theme.

    Why mazes? A maze might just look like a fun way to pass time, but they’re actually a valuable learning tool for children. Here’s why:

    • -For children, completing mazes is a great way to boost their problem solving skills.
    • -Solving mazes also boosts their patience and persistence and teaches them about the rewards of work.
    • -Mazes can also help improve a child’s cognitive thought processes.
    • -Solving mazes are wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination.
    • -Concentrating on a maze also helps with memory too
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  • $1.75

    This informational article will teach students about a very important Christian holiday – Easter. After reading a one page article, students will have two worksheets to assess their reading comprehension and understanding of the material.


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  • $2.50

    Here are 20 fun, Easter coloring pages with plenty of bunnies, chicks and eggs to color!

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  • $3.00

    National Arbor Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April; however some states have selected their own dates for Arbor Day. The customary observance is to plant a tree. On the first Arbor Day, April 10, 1872, an estimated one million trees were planted.

    This 23 page resource has been designed for 2nd-3rd grades to learn more about arbor day and trees!

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    17 Christian based images to color for Easter!

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    10 different Easter egg patterns to color!

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