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  • Easter Language Arts Unit with Vocabulary

    Help your students learn and practice using new vocabulary words during March and April with a fun, Easter themed resource which contains a variety of Language Arts skills throughout including grammar, spelling, alphabetizing, using words in context, sentence writing and more. (Includes some differentiated activities)

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  • $1.50

    Help students develop their critical thinking skills while having a bit of Spring FUN! Here are four puzzles that your students are sure to enjoy…
    -Word Maze
    -Mystery Picture
    -Brain Teaser

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  • $1.00

    Here are two activities that students can do to get them thinking about Earth Day and recycling:

    1. The first is a Venn diagram on which students will select 2 materials (from a given list) and compare and contrast them. (examples from the list: paper vs. plastic / natural vs man-made / can be decomposed vs cannot be decomposed)
    2. The second activity will ask students to choose 5 things that can be recycled (from a given list) and give as many examples as they can for each.
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  • April Writing Prompts

    This Monthly Writing Prompts Journal is for the month of April and has been designed to help students think, create and express their own ideas and opinions on a variety of topics.

    There is a separate journal page for each day of the month that provides students with writing prompt. Some prompts a light-hearted while others are designed to make students critically think about issues, values, etc.

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  • $0.75

    Here is a fun Language Arts activity that will require students to put on their thinking caps! There are 10 Spring riddles requiring a rhyming word to answer.

    What plants do that rhymes with pout?
    (Answer: Sprout)

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  • $4.00

    This Earth Day product includes a large number of activities for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades for Language Arts and Science!

    It includes:

    • – A COMPLETE Lapbooking unit
    • – A VARIETY of Language arts activities including vocabulary work (Earth, recycle, reuse, reduce, conserve, resources, water, land, air, awareness, environment, clean, responsible, renewable, energy, natural) ; Mini-Books to create ; Reading comprehension ; Earth Day similes ; Poetry creation and more!
    • Science Activities such as materials categorizing and sorting
    • – Answer Keys
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  • $1.00

    Two Earth Day themed word search puzzles for your students!

    • – Words for Puzzle #1: animal, earth, green, growth, plant, recycle
    • – Words for Puzzle #2: animal, conserve, earth, ecology, environment, growth, plant, recycle, reduce, reuse, soil, water

    Why word puzzles? Studies have shown that word search and other word puzzles can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, word recognition, pattern recognition, and overall mental acuity!

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  • $1.00

    2 fun maze puzzles with an Earth Day theme.

    Why mazes? A maze might just look like a fun way to pass time, but they’re actually a valuable learning tool for children. Here’s why:

    • -For children, completing mazes is a great way to boost their problem solving skills.
    • -Solving mazes also boosts their patience and persistence and teaches them about the rewards of work.
    • -Mazes can also help improve a child’s cognitive thought processes.
    • -Solving mazes are wonderful for improving hand-eye coordination.
    • -Concentrating on a maze also helps with memory too
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  • $1.75

    This informational article will teach students about a very important Christian holiday – Easter. After reading a one page article, students will have two worksheets to assess their reading comprehension and understanding of the material.


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  • easter coloring pages

    Here are 20 fun, Easter coloring pages with plenty of bunnies, chicks and eggs to color!

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  • $3.00

    National Arbor Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April; however some states have selected their own dates for Arbor Day. The customary observance is to plant a tree. On the first Arbor Day, April 10, 1872, an estimated one million trees were planted.

    This 23 page resource has been designed for 2nd-3rd grades to learn more about arbor day and trees!

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    17 Christian based images to color for Easter!

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    10 different Easter egg patterns to color!

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