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    This MLK resource is a fun concentration / memory / matching card game. Students will love playing!
    Benefits of matching /memory games include…
    •  -improve concentration
    • – train visual memory
    • – increase short term memory
    • – increase attention to detail
    • – improve the ability to find similarities and differences in object.
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    Perfect for 2nd and 3rd grades, this resource includes 3 sets of cards to play a matching game.  Each set includes 22 cards to create 11 matches. Students will need to either add or subtract to find the matches. *Play as a memory (concentration) game by turning the cards face down. Have each player on his or her turn, turn over two cards. If they match they keep those cards, if they do not match they turn them back face down and it is then the next person’s turn. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards win!

    Sample match…
    – On card would say…15 less than 31
    – The matching card would be…16

    You can use all sets separately or combine them for bigger games!

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