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    Ready, Set, Preschool! A complete, simple solution to 36 weeks of hands-on, engaging preschool lessons, ready to print and use! This digital download includes a full-year, print and go curriculum designed for preschoolers. Whether you homeschool or are a preschool teacher, this curriculum will provide you with 36 weeks of easy to use, highly engaging lessons. PLUS, you’ll get 2 ADDITIONAL BONUS BUNDLES with this product!

    Skills and concepts covered: 
    – Letters, A-Z (capital and lower case)
    – Letter sounds
    – Counting and Number recognition, 1-10
    – Colors
    – Shapes
    – Patterns & Size comparisons
    – Fine motor skills (handwriting readiness and scissor skills)
    …and more!

    See description below for even more details…

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  • Trace and color November pictures and words

    Perfect pages for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten to trace and color during the month of November! Pictures are Thanksgiving and Fall related and include: acorn, leaf, farmer boy, farmer girl, pumpkin, tree, wagon and turkey.

    On each worksheet, students will trace the picture and word. Then they can color the picture! Perfect for seasonal, holiday work and will help develop fine motor skills and teach new vocabulary. (8 pages)

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  • Handwriting for Little Learners

    This bundle includes 2 products – BUNDLE & SAVE!

    (See description below for details)

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  • $6.00

    If you are teaching letter recognition (and corresponding sound), this interactive resource is for you! Includes 52 student pages (2 pages per letter) and focuses on capital letters.

    This NO PREP unit only requires you to print and supply students with crayons (or markers), scissors and glue. That’s it!

    For each letter, you will provide students with 2 pages. The 1st page will be the letter for the students to color and cut out. They will glue the letter onto the 2nd page and then color the picture that begins with that letter! Fine motor skills will be used. 🙂

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  • $1.50

    If your students need to learn to write their numbers 0 – 20, Numbers 0 to 20 – Handwriting Practice is the resource you need! Each sheet contains only one number, so you can use one for the number of the week (or) however best suits your classroom!

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  • $2.00

    This 64 page resource will help students learn the letters of the alphabet as they practice writing (fine motor skills) both upper and lower case letters. There will be picture words to help students also begin to learn the sound of each letter.

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  • prewriting-handwriting-worksheets

    No Prep – Print and Go pages (3) for your little learners to practice ‘writing patterns’ to prepare them for the next step – letter writing!

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  • $3.00

    Whimsical Unit designed for use during October and November with PreK – Kindergarten students to practice fine motor, math and language arts skills!

    29 student pages offering plenty of tracing, matching, copying, counting, early reading and more!

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  • Easter Activities for Preschool - Prek - Kindergarten

    Help your young learners practice counting, fine motor skills and writing through tracing with this ‘Easter egg hunt’ resource with chicks, bunnies, eggs and baskets this March or April. Designed to teach Math and Language Arts skills to Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten, students will color, count and trace as they color pictures, count eggs, and trace numbers and a sentence on each page

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  • $3.00

    You’ll find a variety of Language Arts, Math and Science activities in P is for Pumpkin! These 52 pages have all been designed to be used while studying the letter P and as well as adding some learning FUN in October and November!

    See a list of skills in the description below.

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  • Preschool Early Learning - Sea Life

    Young learners will love this Sea Life – Ocean themed unit where they can cut, color, paste, and trace!

    24 pages of learning and practicing fine motor skills:

    • 10 trace the picture and word, write the word and color worksheets
    • 5 trace and color the ocean scene worksheets
    • 9 trace and color the picture, cut out and glue the letters to spell the word worksheets

    Vocabulary includes:

    • fish
    • whale
    • clown fish
    • dolphin
    • jellyfish
    • octopus
    • shark
    • shrimp
    • starfish
    • coral

    Watch a video preview!

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  • $4.00
    Preschool Fine Motor Skills (Tracing) Christmas Unit has 37 colorful student pages to give your students plenty of tracing practice! Great to use in centers or for fun holiday handouts for them to take home and practice over the holidays.
    Designed for preschool, this unit can also be used for the Kindergarten student who needs extra fine motor skill development.
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  • March activites for Preschool - Prek

    Students will be cutting, tracing, coloring, gluing, counting, learning numbers and letters, sorting, classifying and even singing with this 68 page March / St. Patrick’s Day themed activities unit for early learners!

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  • $3.00

    Help students learn the letter “S” (to identify, to write and the sound), to count to 10, to recognize and identify basic colors and shapes PLUS practice important fine motor and thinking skills with this 28 page, fall themed workbook.

    Students will:

    • – color
    • – trace
    • – count
    • – draw
    • – solve mazes
    • – create a number mini-book
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  • $3.00

    This 22 page resource centers around Christopher Columbus and will provide students with practice in…

    • – Letter learning (C and S)
    • – Fine Motor Skills and Handwriting (tracing and coloring)
    • – Counting
    • – Comparing

    …and includes a tic-tac-toe game, puzzles and coloring pages.

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  • $1.50

    An alphabet poster to display and worksheets for students to practice.
    Worksheet #1: Letters Aa – Rr
    Worksheet #2: Letters Ss – Zz

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  • $3.00

    Young learners will practice and reinforce their knowledge of important math skills with this fun Valentine themed resource! Includes 29 pages of skill work and can be used throughout the entire month of February. (See a list of skills below!)

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