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    Here is a set of 36 science classification cards to give students the ability to classify living and nonliving things! These cards include beautiful color photos of 36 different items plus two sets of classification mats.

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  • $2.25

    This living vs. nonliving booklet is perfect for kindergarten and 1st grade students just learning the science concept. It includes a cover page and 5 inside pages that will teach students that living things grow, need food and water as well as reproduce.

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  • $2.50

    Students will learn about the four seasons, (winter, spring, summer and fall) while creating a cherished 12 page science mini-book! For each season, students will learn when that season begins and a fact about it.

    Example: For spring, students will learn that spring begins every year on March 19th or 20th and that spring is warm and flowers begin to grow. Whey will be coloring, as well as tracing words and pictures! (Some seasons have more than one date when it may begin, as you see in the spring example. This allows this resource to be used every year and can be a spring board to a discussion as to why this is true if appropriate.)

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  • $3.00

    This unit is designed to help early learners learn about the sun, earth and moon through fun, engaging activities! Students will learn that the sun supplies heat and light to the earth, that the moon reflects light from the sun and rotates around the earth, that there are different phases of the moon (specifically in this unit: full, half and crescent), and more! Includes:

    – 2 posters
    – 20 student pages
    – 1 interactive model craft

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  • all about hedgehogs

    Students will learn all about hedgehogs, their life, habitats, life cycle and more with these activities and worksheets!

    They will learn about where they live (habitats) their life cycle, that they are mammals, omnivores, nocturnal and about hibernation! This unit includes informational text with questions, tracing and copy work, creative and expository writing, plus activities including mini-book creation, ‘cut and glue’, drawing and more. All designed for the 1st and 2nd grader in mind to help build vital language arts skills as well as geography and science knowledge.


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  • Hedgehog Life Cycle

    This hedgehog resource has been designed to help early learners (PreK – Kindergarten) to learn about the life cycle of a hedgehog! It includes a life cycle poster, a hands-on activity that can be used with students at different levels and several worksheets. These worksheets will have students coloring, tracing words and drawing!

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  • life cycle of a spider

    Want to study the life cycle of a spider? Here is a resource for you!

    – 2 labeled posters (color and b/w)
    – life cycle coloring page
    – colorful center activity
    – 2 cut-n-paste worksheets

    Use as a standalone resource or combine with:

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  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly

    This Science resource will teach students the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and includes:

    • * 2 color posters of the life cycle (1 with added details)
    • * 1 b/w poster (for students to color),
    • * 4 picture/information cards for each stage of the life cycle
    • * 3 life cycle worksheets
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  • beaver shape book

    Studying Beavers? Students will love to self-publish their own work in this cute Beaver shape book! Not only can they write creative stories or poems, but you can also have them use these templates to convey what they’ve learned (comprehension) from a book or from their own research! Template size: 7.5″ tall x 7″ wide.


    • 6 possible covers
    • 13 different inside pages

    I’ve created pages with both dotted-dashed lines as well as single lines so that you can use what best fits the level of your students.

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  • $1.50

    9 worksheets for young students! Each worksheet has 5 rows of pictures. In each row, students will need to find and color the picture that is different. Extend the learning by reviewing each worksheet with the student(s) after completion. Have them tell you why or how each picture is different? If the difference is positional, discuss. If the picture is something entirely different (such as a different type of fruit or vegetable), discuss what the items are and how they are the same and how are they different.

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  • Categories - Relationships

    5 picture worksheets for young learners to ‘circle’ items that go with a given item.

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  • $8.00

    When it is cold out and you want FUN, NO PREP lessons, this is the resource: Snow Themed / Winter Unit for Firsties! This unit will provide you with a couple months worth of student activities.

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  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly - Read, write, draw

    This Science – Language Arts resource with have students creating their very own mini-book of the life cycle of a butterfly!

    Knowledge students will learn: The book will begin with the butterfly laying an egg on a leaf and continue as a caterpillar begins to grow in the egg, hatches and begins to eat. Students will learn what the caterpillar eats and that it is a type of larva. As the book progresses, students will write about the caterpillar building a cocoon and it’s life as a pupa (and a chrysalis) before emerging as a beautiful butterfly!

    On each page, students will read the text, draw a picture and then write (copy) the written text.

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  • Insect and Creepy Crawlies Coloring Book

    This resource is a print and go resource offering 18 coloring pages of insects plus a couple creepy crawlies! Each page has a large picture to color and the name of the ‘bug’ in font that are also ready to color.

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  • $4.99

    Studying birds? Ornithology? Perhaps you are simply looking for coloring pages of beautiful birds? Here is a resource that would be a good addition to your classroom. Some of the birds included: American Kestrel, Nighthawk, Mourning Dove, Barn Swallow, White-breasted Nuthatch, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole and many, many more!

    *** 80 coloring pages, each with a different North American species! ***

    Each page features a large b/w illustration of one bird and the type of bird that is displayed.

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  • Preschool Early Learning - Sea Life

    Young learners will love these Sea Life – Ocean themed unit where they can cut, color, paste, and trace!

    24 pages of learning and practicing fine motor skills:

    • 10 trace the picture and word, write the word and color worksheets
    • 5 trace and color the ocean scene worksheets
    • 9 trace and color the picture, cut out and glue the letters to spell the word worksheets

    Vocabulary includes:

    • fish
    • whale
    • clown fish
    • dolphin
    • jellyfish
    • octopus
    • shark
    • shrimp
    • starfish
    • coral
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  • $2.00

    This cross-curricular (Science / Literacy Writing ) product will have students creating their very own mini-books detailing the life cycle of a flower!

    Knowledge students will learn: Students will learn what flowers (plants) need to live and grow (soil, water, sun, air) and how a planted seed becomes a sprout, then a seedling and then a beautiful flower.

    Students will:— read the text — draw a picture — write (copy) the written text

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  • $4.00

    Students love learning through interactive, hands-on games! This Science resource will help your students learn to identify and classify animals based on the habitat in which they live! Includes 8 habitats and 72 animal cards.

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  • $1.50

    Seals are found along most coasts and cold waters, but a majority of them live in the Arctic and Antarctic waters. Harbor, ringed, ribbon, spotted and bearded seals, as well as northern fur seals and Steller sea lions live in the Arctic region. Whether you are studying these wonderful animals or just want to add a quick side lesson, here is a Seal Shape Book that students can use to self-publish their created stories, reports and poems! Templates have differing line heights to accommodate a variety of grade levels.

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  • Beaver - Reader and Activities

    This 1st – 2nd Grade cross-curricular resource (Science, Language Arts, Art) is all about beavers and includes a READER and corresponding STUDENT ACTIVITIES! Students will learn about the beaver’s habitat, diet and how their own bodies help them survive! The reader is provided in both color and b/w.

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