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  • Sale! Handwriting for Little Learners
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    This bundle includes 2 products – BUNDLE & SAVE!

    (See description below for details)

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  • Practice Handwriting letter sheets

    This resource will give you 78 pages of printing / handwriting, letters of the alphabet, printing practice (upper and lower case). Each page will provide students with a visual to show students how to make each stroke of the letter.


    • 26 upper case individual letter pages (A, B, C-Z)
    • 26 lower case individual letter pages (a, b, c-z)
    • 26 upper and lower case individual letter pages (Aa, Bb, Cc – Zz)
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    Letter recognition skills are required for developing reading and writing skills. Using these cards children can identify, name and match upper and lower case letters.

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    This is a LARGE set of rhyming word flash cards with pictures! 396 words in all. There are many ways to use these cards and I give 7 FUN ideas inside this resource!

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    If you are teaching letters to your little ones (Preschool / PreK ), this resource is for you! Includes 52 student pages (2 pages per letter) and focuses on capital letters. This NO PREP unit only requires you to print and supply students with crayons (or markers), scissors and glue. That’s it! For each letter, you will provide students with 2 pages. The 1st page will be the letter for the students to color and cut out. They will glue the letter onto the 2nd page and then color the picture that begins with that letter!

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    November NO PREP Packet is filled with hands-on, engaging and FUN resources that get kids excited about learning! The activities in this packet can be used for morning work, homework, group work, centers and more! The best part is that there is NO PREP! NO costly closed ink, NO laminating, NO cutting…Just PRINT and GO!

    Skills & Activities included in this packet: Tracing, Printing, Cutting, Coloring, Gluing, Matching, Counting, Adding, Comparing, Patterning and more! Examples of worksheets: Big vs Small, Single digit addition, Coloring by number, Filling in the missing initial consonant, Matching words with their images and much, much more!

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  • $3.00

    With cute colorful ‘Cupid Kids‘ holding the numbers and letters, your students will love Valentines Numbers and Letters! These number/letter cards will be great for math centers and literacy centers.

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    If you are teaching letters to your little ones (Preschool / PreK ), this resource is for you! Includes 26 coloring pages with each page featuring a large letter to color, a picture that begins with the letter and a picture word. Students can use crayons, markers, pens, or even finger paint!

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  • $2.00

    This 64 page resource will help students learn the letters of the alphabet as they practice writing (fine motor skills) both upper and lower case letters. There will be picture words to help students also begin to learn the sound of each letter.

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  • $3.00

    Whimsical Unit designed for use during October and November with PreK – Kindergarten students to practice fine motor, math and language arts skills!

    29 student pages offering plenty of tracing, matching, copying, counting, early reading and more!

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    Here is a cute 19 page resource to use with early learners as they are learning the alphabet.
    Use along side the Dr. Seuss ABC Book!

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  • Easter Activities for Preschool - Prek - Kindergarten

    Help your young learners practice counting, fine motor skills and writing through tracing with this ‘Easter egg hunt’ resource with chicks, bunnies, eggs and baskets this March or April. Designed to teach Math and Language Arts skills to Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten, students will color, count and trace as they color pictures, count eggs, and trace numbers and a sentence on each page

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  • Sale! Learning Letters - Dot and Color
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    If you are teaching letters to your little ones (Preschool / PreK ), this bundle is for you! Includes 52 student pages (26 for lower case letters and 26 for capital letters).

    On each page, students will complete…

    • * A graphic of the letter by dabbing a dotter on each circle to complete the letter. (If you do not have dotters, students can also finger paint!)
    • * A graphic of the letter to color with crayons
    • * A picture to color and picture word so that students can learn the sound made by each letter.

    Super FUN Letter recognition activity and NO PREP- This is a ZIP File. You must be able to open ZIP files to access this resource.

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  • $3.00

    You’ll find a variety of Language Arts, Math and Science activities in P is for Pumpkin! These 52 pages have all been designed to be used while studying the letter P and as well as adding some learning FUN in October and November!

    See a list of skills in the description below.

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  • Long and Short vowel sounds - classroom phonics posters
    This poster set will help students learn both long and short vowel sounds. Each poster has fun, colorful pictures to represent words with each vowel sound!
    See description below for suggested uses.
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  • $1.00

    The resource, Autumn Leaves Story and Comprehension, has been designed for early learners! Those beginning to read will enjoy reading this ‘Autumn Leaves’ Story using the rebus picture key to help. After reading, the is a one page reading comprehension worksheet for the students to complete.

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  • $12.99

    Here’s a full year of lapbook and letter learning FUN! Fun, hands-on, creative learning as students study and learn letters and their sounds.

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    Help students learn the alphabet, upper and lower case letters and letter sounds using these fun puzzle pieces!


    • Match upper and lower case (2 sets b/w and color)
    • Matching letter sounds
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  • $2.00

    Thanksgiving themed alphabet cards – both upper and lower case letters. Students will enjoy the pilgrim hat theme as they…

    • – identify each letter (extend learning by having students give the phonetic sound each letter makes)
    • – match each upper case letter with its matching lower case letter
    • – sort upper case letters from lower case letters
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  • Alphabet Flash Cards

    Perfect to use during March and leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, these alphabet flash cards can be used to help students identify both upper and lower case letters.

    Suggested uses:

    • -Name each letter
    • -Match each upper case with the lower case
    • -Sort by upper case and lower case
    • -Use to spell out CVC or sight words
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