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    This resource is perfect for fun and quick poetry writing during the Fall! Students can write one or two different forms of poetry, acrostic and haiku, on pumpkin designed pages! The resource also includes an informational page about pumpkins.

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    Help students learn about pronouns! These colorful grammar posters will teach students about pronouns, giving definitions and examples of personal, subject, object, possessive, reflexive, demonstrative and interrogative pronouns.

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    Two worksheets that will give students practice changing singular nouns to plural nouns. Each worksheet has 30 nouns to change, plus students are asked to choose two of the new plural nouns to use within a sentence.

    Related resources:

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    A Home for Luna is a heart-warming tale about adapting to another place, displacement, our need for community and friendship, and the life-changing value of kindness.

    About the story: When Luna washes up on a strange shore, she is scared and lonely. She shelters under a wooden crate and dreams of a home from long ago.She soon discovers there is beauty in her new land. “A smell filled the air. A smell like home, but not exactly.” Along the way Luna makes unexpected friends. But will she ever feel at home in a place so different from the one she remembers?

    This teaching resource will help guide your teaching with this book and the themes that are contained within it. Themes include: relationships, conflict, homelessness, adapting to change. It is also a book that can lead to discussions on what living things need to survive, observable changes in our environment (sky and landscape), life cycles, ecosystems and sustainability. 

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    This generic novel study unit can be used with any book and includes multiple ways to engage students and encourage reading comprehension! It is a great tool to study literature as students focus on literary elements like setting, plot, characterization, conflict, resolution and theme in an interactive way!

    View a flipbook preview here PLUS see  a list of what you’ll get in this product in the description below…


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    This Abraham Lincoln Informational Text Bundle includes two products:

    (See description below for details of each)


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  • Washington Space Needle - US landmarks cover

    Help students learn about Washington State’s Space Needle in Seattle with this reading comprehension worksheet for 5th-7th grades. This resource includes informational text, a reading comprehension worksheet and answer key.

    Flesch-Kincaid grade level: 6.0
    Automated Readability Index: 5.8
    Fry Readability: 6

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    This workbook is designed to be used during one semester of 4th grade and will cover over 500 vocabulary words that have been determined by reading experts to be important for students to master to be ready for 5th grade.

    In section one of this workbook you’ll find 18 word lists, one list for each of the first 18 weeks. The lists in this first section include both the words and definitions. In section two of this workbook you’ll find a variety of worksheets and puzzles, (see description below for further details**). At the end of the workbook is a 100 question multiple choice assessment. Answer keys provided!


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  • Country Study Notebooking - Uruguay

    This is a country study resource on the South American country of Uruguay focusing on the 5 Themes of Geography! There are a lot of country studies but this one is different.

    This study will ask students to ‘think like a geographer‘ in their research and recording. Using this resource, students will…

    • – Learn about the country of Uruguay
    • – Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to synthesize information and write about Uruguay through a 5 themes of geography lens.
    • – Create a wonderful project displaying their learning.
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  • martin luther King nobel peace prize

    A Day in History – Investigation Station is a series of fun sleuthing research and writing activities based on a single event on a specific day in history! This resource focuses on the day that Martin Luther King, Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize (October 14, 1964).

    Students will learn about an event and be given several topics from which to choose to ‘investigate’. After some exploration, students are asked to write what they have discovered and name used sources.

    So…with each lesson, students will:
    ▪ (Read) Learn one ‘On this Day in History’ fact.
    ▪ (Investigate) Take a related topic and explore it through the use of different forms of media (i.e. books, internet).
    ▪ (Write) Summarize and write what they have discovered. This also should include the recording of sources.

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  • Fall creative writing

    FUN Fall writing activity. This resource has been designed to help students plan out and write a fun, Fall-themed story! Can be used again and again as things will change each time students use the activity because of the roll of the dice.

    Using this resource, students will roll one die 4 times and use the chart to help determine the character, setting, weather and conflict that should be in their story. Then, they will plan out their story on given pages:
    – Character Planner
    – Setting Planner
    – Story Planner

    After all planning is complete, they will write their stories!

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    This weather vocabulary unit with activities is designed for 3rd-5th grade classrooms studying weather terms. It includes 43 weather terms with definitions (+ part of speech) plus the following types of activities to help students learn the words and their meanings:

    * Vocabulary study sheet
    * Spelling Challenge
    * Word Jumble
    * Alphabetical Order
    * Alphabetical Order + Decoder Ring
    * Word Search | Wacky Trails
    * Word Frameup Puzzle
    * Crossword Puzzle
    * Weather Term Definitions | Optional assessment
    * Weather Multiple Choice | Optional assessment
    * 7 Additional “Suggested Ideas” for additional learning
    See description below for details!

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    This weather resource includes 43 vocabulary words with definitions and an identified part of speech.

    (See description below for included words)

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    Here are four different amphibian shape books for student self-publishing! There are two for frogs/toads, one for salamanders and one for caecilians.

    Students can use these shape book patterns to write stories, poems, and reports. Each book pattern has a cover page, a blank page and two pages with lines. Students can use as many pages as they need to complete their work and then fasten together with staples, ribbon or string.

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    Studying amphibians? Help students learn important amphibian related vocabulary words and definitions while practicing copy work and handwriting (cursive). This resource include 22 vocabulary words and definitions. (See below description for included words)

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    This fun amphibian themed paper can be used by all ages for a variety of uses such as writing essays, poetry, creating reports, science and nature journaling and even art projects!

    Includes 9 pages:
    – 3 Salamander (single lined, dashed line, blank center)
    – 3 Newt (single lined, dashed line, blank center)
    – 3 Frog & Toad ( (single lined, dashed line, blank center)

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    Teaching parts of speech? Conjunctions? Here is a complete unit that will teach students about the three types of conjunctions: coordinating, correlative and subordinating. It includes instructional text, 4 posters, worksheets and answer keys.

    It also includes a fun, superhero theme!

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    Teaching parts of speech? Conjunctions? This set of 4 grammar posters is for you!

    With a fun superhero theme, you’ll receive 4 posters:
    1. Types of Conjunctions
    2. Coordinating Conjunctions
    3. Correlative Conjunctions
    4. Subordinating Conjunctions

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    Perfect for visual learners, this parts of speech poster will be very helpful when students are learning about conjunctions. It tells what conjunctions are used for, the three types of conjunctions (correlative, coordinating and subordinating) and gives examples of each.

    Hang in the classroom on a skills wall, in a Language Arts center or shrink and have students put it on or in their notebooks!

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