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    This fun, FREE picture graph is designed to give students practice in finding and plotting coordinates! With a theme of the USA and the American flag, it is perfect to use when studying the U.S. states, government and the flag. You can also use it during American holidays such as Memorial Day and/or the 4th of July!

    This is STEM activity for both Math, and Geography.

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    Get your FREE Memorial Day Writing Paper! Great to use for student reports, writing letters to veterans, creating projects and bulletin boards…and more!

    See ALL Memorial Day resources HERE!

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    The resource is an 11 slide PowerPoint to help students learn basic etiquette surrounding the American flag.

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  • How to display the U.S. Flag

    32 slide PowerPoint to help students learn how to correctly display and honor the United States Flag.

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    Want to teach Kindergarten or 1st graders about Memorial Day? Here is a unit designed just for them!

    Students will learn about this patriotic holiday which is observed in May as they trace, color, draw, create words, write sentences and create a card to give a current or former service member.

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    This resource includes 20 vocabulary words related to Memorial Day ready to print, laminate and use in your classroom (word wall).

    Suggested uses:
    – Spelling words for one week in May
    – Social Studies vocabulary words to study while learning about the holiday
    – Assign a Memorial Day writing lesson having students use as many words as possible

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