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    With this FREE resource, all you need to do is print, fold and write a note to a special veteran for Veterans Day this November!

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    Combine a fun Valentine’s Day craft activity with Math graphing using this February, heart themed resource!

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  • Veterans Day Themed Learning - Kindergarten and 1st Grade

    Celebrate the Veterans Day holiday throughout the month of November with this true cross-curricular resource! Your young learners will learn about the military branches of the United States and the why we should honor those who have served our country. They will practice a variety of Language Arts and Math Skills while they learn valuable Social Studies / History knowledge plus they will learn the song, Taps (Music).

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  • Veterans Day Project - Notebook - Interactive - Research

    Observed every November, Veterans Day is a special day set aside to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. Veterans. This resource has been designed to give students the opportunity to research various aspects of the holiday, the men who have served, branches of the military, and anything related to the United States armed forces. After they have completed their research, students will have materials to…

    • *Create a stand alone notebook project
    • *Use the pages within to creatively add to their existing History / Social Studies interactive notebooks.
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  • Veterans Day Word Search Puzzle

    Here is a FUN Veterans Day word search. Words: sacrifice, military, hero, veteran, November, country, honor, war, freedom, protect, serve, soldier, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines.

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  • Veterans Day Game

    Here is a FUN, holiday game for up to 30 players, B-I-N-G-O! This is a great game to add during November just before or after Veterans Day and can easily be used as a VOCABULARY springboard!

    Words: armistice, alliance, anthem, battlefield, bravery, cadence, civic, combat, command, commitment, corps, courage, duty, defense, flag, freedom, gratitude, hero, holiday, honor, homeland, ideals, independence, insignia, sacrifice, service, soldier, sailor, airman, tribute, uniform, valor, values, veteran, victory, war

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  • Veterans Day Themed paper

    Your students can display their creative writing on this Veterans Day writing paper. This download contains 12 different pages from which to choose.

    Whether they are writing a story, a report or a poem, they’ll love publishing their final drafts on these pages!

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