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My Teaching Library has made teaching affordable through ALL-ACCESS!


Get unlimited, all-access to any/all products without paying listed prices and a license to use those products for
…a YEAR for ONLY $60
…a LIFETIME for ONLY $275
This means members do not pay listed prices because products are FREE to you.

Only one membership needed per family/classroom!


Non-members can always purchase resources at listed prices, BUT why do that when you can get All-Access?

  • $60.00 / year

    With the purchase of an Annual subscription, you will be able to download and use any products you need while your subscription remains active! What this means…you will not need to pay for individual products. Once your subscription is activated, you will be able to access and download the products you need without further cost.

    An annual subscription gives the purchaser (a single family or teacher) the license to use the files with your students while the subscription is active.
    Files may not be sold or shared. Subscribers acknowledge they have read and agree to all terms and conditions.

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  • $275.00

    A LIFETIME subscription will give you access to all products on My Teaching Library for a lifetime. This includes all current and future educational products!

    Stop paying curriculum providers $200-400 a year to access their products. Pay once and have forever access to current and all future educational products (curriculum, organizational helps, worksheets, videos, lapbooking units and more!) You’ll be able to download every product you need…forever!

    Lifetime Subscriptions can be used by one family or one teacher.

    To purchase a license for an entire co-op or school, please email us to ask about a co-op or school license.

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Annual vs. Lifetime Membership – Licenses to Use

The ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP  gives you a license to download, print and use the products for as long as your subscription remains active. That cost averages out to just $5 per month!  **Please note: Annual membership only covers a license to use the products you download if you are a current annual member. Your license to use the materials expires when your membership expires. What does this mean?  If you have an annual membership, you are asked to only download the products you plan to use while maintaining your membership. This is on the honor system, but we trust teachers and parents will set the example to only use our materials while your membership is active. Afterall, you are teaching the next generation! Why do we have this policy? Because membership saves you so much money over purchasing at “listed” prices.  That means you are ‘not buying’ the products but in essence are renting them. When you pay ‘listed prices’, you are purchasing and may use forever or another option is to become a Lifetime member.

With an ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP, you can teach using our materials for an entire year for only $60. Also, this cost will never increase as long as your membership remains active!


A LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP gives you a license to download, print and use any and all products FOREVER within your home or classroom!
(Cost breakdown: If you actively download products for just 10 years, that comes out to only@$2.29 a month!)
** Your ALL ACCESS personal license to download and use MTL products will never expire. 


If you start with an annual and want to upgrade to a lifetime subscription anytime while your subscription is active, email us and we will reduce your lifetime payment by one year – $60!


*My Teaching Library products are copyrighted and licensed to use by the member with only his/her family or in his/her classroom.  Organizations may contact us for organizational pricing.

As a member, you’ll have instant access to:

– curriculum sets 
– videos
– unit studies
– posters
– flashcards
– reference materials
– individual worksheets
– books
– and NEW products added during your membership 

My Teaching Library is dedicated to continually adding NEW products throughout the year!
We post NEW products on our FB Group first. You’ll also want to join our newsletter!

How Much Can You Really Save?

To see, let’s say you only downloaded the following 16 products (from our thousands available to you)…

Mega-Organizer | For School, Home and Office ($24)
1st Grade Math Skills Mega Bundle | One FULL Year ($40)
Math Posters BUNDLE | Shapes ($6.25)
Pre-Algebra BUNDLE | Adding and Subtracting Decimals ($7.50)
Grammar QUICK Reference Chart BUNDLE ($4)
1st Grade Reading Vocabulary | Complete ($20)
Learning to Read | Sight Word Bundle ($8)
CVC -ab Word family | Interactive Phonics ($3)
Children’s Literature ($5)
Guided Note Taking ($2)
Latin Word Roots | Reference ($3)
Marine Science Student Edition ($9.99)
Marine Science Teacher Guide ($9.99)
Geography Notebooking | Western Europe Bundle ($20)
American Government Student Text ($9.99)
American Government Teacher’s Guide ($9.99)

If you were not a member, you’d pay $182.71! If you were an annual member, you’d pay only $60.

We have families and teachers saving $400-$800 every year as All-Access members.

What are ALL-ACCESS members saying about My Teaching Library and membership? 


I personally love the fact that I can find everything I need to make my homeschooling journey easier right here.

What we love about this program: It is so incredibly FLEXIBLE! I would say this is a perfect site for educational resources simply because there is so much available on it!

If you are like me and you teach 2 completely different grades, you are always looking for products that you can use for both students while not breaking the bank. I was blown away by the amount of materials I found.

Everything feels like it’s right there at your fingertips just waiting to be accessed. Need a book study? They’ve go them. Need a book? They’ve got lots of those in ebook form too! need a gread sheet, transcript or ready log? Of course the membership includes those too!

A sample of My Teaching Library awards…

Here are some examples of the resources you will have access to….

Need Kindergarten Resources?

Need 4th Grade Resources? 

Need 7th Grade Resources?

Need 12th Grade Resources?


…and remember, ALL-ACCESS membership is a family and classroom membership.

My Teaching Library has thousands of ready to download, print and use resources!

Get your All-Access Membership Now!

Terms and Conditions for use of all Products/Resources and Annual Membership:

All products/resources from My Teaching Library ( CHSH-Teach, LLC) include a license for one teacher, family or leader. The product license is for personal use in one classroom, home or organization. It is illegal to share resources among other families or teachers.

Please note: If used within an organization (such as scouts, boys or girls club, a local ministry, etc), the products/resources may only be used by the individual purchaser for his/her classroom. If you would like to share any product/resource within an organization and outside of your own personal use within that organization, please email for more information on how to legally do so.

Membership and Subscription terms are used interchangeably.

Annual memberships are automatically renewed.
Annual subscriptions must be canceled prior to renewal due. Refunds are not given due to the nature of our products being downloadable. If you are an annual subscriber, please make note of when you subscribed and when your renewal will be automatically processed (annually from the date of initial subscription).

We’ve made canceling your subscription easy as all you need to do is to log into your account. There click on ‘My Membership’. There you’ll find the date your next renewal and a ‘cancel’ button.
It’s your subscription and we want to make sure you are in complete control!

Lifetime subscriptions are pay once – No renewals needed!


Your License to use any product/resource from this website is…

1. Non-transferable.

  • You may not share any product/resource with any other teacher, family or leader. By purchasing any resource or using a subscription to access the products/resources from this website, you agree that they will be used by you alone. My Teaching Library / Creations by LAckert resources are copyrighted and may only be used according to our terms and conditions.
  • – Please direct other teachers, families or leaders to our website where they can purchase their own products/resources.

2. Time-Sensitive.

  • –  Annual subscribersYou may only use the products as long as you have an active subscription.*Once you cancel your annual subscription, you no longer have a license to use any MTL product/resource.
  • – Lifetime subscribersYour personal use license never expires!

Why are annual subscribers only allowed to use products while they have an active subscription? Subscribers have access to unlimited downloads at a greatly reduced price. Subscribers have access to all products at a huge discount because to purchase each product individually would run into the thousands of $$$ dollars $$$. Because of this huge savings, Annual subscribers are only given permission to use the products while they have an active subscription. However, there is an exception for Lifetime subscribers! Lifetime subscribers have a license that never expires.

3. Copying/Reproduction.

The copying and/or reproduction of any part of any product/resource from My Teaching Library or CHSH-Teach, LLC is strictly prohibited except for personal use within your own family or classroom.

4. Uploading to the Internet.

Uploading any product/resource to an internet website is strictly prohibited unless both of the two following conditions are met:
– The site is password protected.
– The product is only accessible to your students for classroom use.

Violation of these terms of use is in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA).

5. (For annual subscriptions only) – Annual subscribers are in complete control of their subscriptions. Annual subscriptions will be automatically renewed until canceled by the subscriber. Subscriptions are non-refundable as the products are virtual and can be downloaded. Subscribers are responsible to cancel subscriptions prior to the date that they will be automatically renewed. No refunds.

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, please email


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