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    This ministry license must be purchased by any ministry / church organization wanting to use Sermon Notes for Kids

    – It includes all four Sermon Notes for Kids and a perpetual license to use all Sermon Notes within a local church ministry. After purchase, the license grants permission to the purchasing ministry / church to freely reproduce and distribute copies within its local ministry / church.

    (See description below for more details on the included four Sermon Notes for Kids)

    PLEASE NOTE: DOWNLOAD CLUB SUBSCRIBERS MUST PURCHASE THIS MINISTRY LICENSE TO LEGALLY SHARE AND USE WITHIN YOUR LOCAL CHURCH. Per terms & conditions agreed to upon subscription….You may not share any product/resource with any other teacher, family or leader. By purchasing any resource or using a subscription to access the products/resources from this website, you agree that they will be used by you alone. If you are a Download Club subscriber and would like to purchase this to share legally, please email admin.

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