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    Is your Science class studying (or preparing to study) ocean life, crustaceans or the phylum Arthropoda? This resource, Parts of a Crab – Poster & Worksheets, includes a labeled poster of a crab and 2 worksheets (or quizzes).

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    The earthworm is an annelid. The annelids , also known as the ringed worms or segmented worms, are a large phylum, with over 22,000 species which includes  earthworms, ragworms, and leeches. This resource includes a labeled handout (showing the following parts: mouth, prostomium, clitellum, setae, periproct) and a worksheets for students to label.

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    42 colorful animal flashcards

    Suggested uses:

    • – to learn animal names
    • – to learn classification (ex: sort by habitat, number of legs, mode of transport such as flying, running or swimming, etc)
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    This informational article will teach students about the sand dollar. They will learn that the little round, coin-shaped shell found on the beach is actually part of a marine animal, related to sea urchins and sea stars. They will also learn how living sand dollars move, that they aren’t ‘white’, how and what they eat and much more. After reading, students will complete two worksheets (multiple choice and short answer) to assess their comprehension / understanding of the material. Answer Key is provided.

    Automated Readability Index: 4.8
    Grade level: 8-9 yrs. old (Fourth and Fifth graders)
    Linsear Write Formula : 5.6
    Grade level: Sixth Grade.

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