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  • ASL Flash cards - Sight Words

    Students can learn to finger spell the first 100 Fry Sight Words with these ASL flash cards!

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    9 flash cards – ASL signs for colors

    Includes signs for: yellow, white, red, purple, orange, green, brown, blue and black

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  • ASL signs for food - american sign language

    25 flash cards – ASL signs for food related words

    Includes signs for: apple, bacon, beef, berry, biscuit, bologna, bread, breakfast, burger, butter, cake, candy, carrot, cereal, cheese, chicken, chocolate, cook, corn, cracker dessert, dinner, dressings, drink, eat, egg, fries, grape, gum, hot dog, lunch, nut, onion, pizza, pop, rice, vegetable

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  • ASL Fingerspelling Flash Cards

    Help students learn to fingerspell (American Sign Language) using these letter – hand sign flash cards!

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    Help students learn American Sign Language (ASL) and how to fingerspell with this resource! This specific resource has been designed for younger students who are also learning the letters of the alphabet.

    Each page is dedicated to a lower-case letter of the alphabet (A-Z). Students will be given a visual model of the ASL sign for a letter, be asked to write the letter several times and then color the corresponding pictures.

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  • ASL Signs for People and Family

    23 flash cards – ASL signs for people and family

    Includes signs for: uncle, teacher, mom, son, man, grandson, grandmother, grandfather, granddaughter, grandchild, father, girl, family, daughter, cousin, children, child, brother, boy, best friend, baby, aunt, adult

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  • ASL Flash Cards - Animal Names

    25 flash cards – ASL signs for animal names

    Includes signs for: alligator, ant, bat, bear, beaver, butterfly, cat, bird, bunny, cow, deer, dog, elephant, fish, giraffe, horse, lion, monkey, octopus, penguin, tiger, zebra, seal and snake

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