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    This resource, Writing with a Purpose Organizer, will help your students plan out their writing! Whether they are writing to inform, to entertain, to explain, to persuade or for some other reason, this organizer will help them throughout the process.

    See description below for further details.

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    This all subject resource has been designed to help students ‘step by step’ when assigned a research paper to select a topic and then write a solid thesis statement. This product will encourage and guide students to understand the assignment fully and then to brainstorm, focus, research, ask the correct questions and to develop a refined topic and a strong thesis statement.

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    Layered research gives students the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic and use a variety of methods of reporting and synthesizing material for a deep learning experience.  There are three layers of research. The first (bottom) layer will give students 9 tasks of which they will perform all of them. For the second (middle) layer, students are given 6 tasks of which they will choose to complete 4. For the third (top) layer, students are given 9 tasks of which they will choose to complete 6.

    Tasks are designed to engage students in a variety of ways and will require students to be creative! This resource is designed to be used with 6th-12th grade students and can be used for any subject.

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