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  • $3.00

    Studying the rainforest? Looking for a coloring book with animals from the rainforest? This coloring book includes 22 pages ready to color. Wildlife includes: ant, anteater, fruit bat, coati, cassowary, chimpanzee, crocodile, gecko, gorilla, iguana, jaguar, macaw, howler monkey, orangutan, piranha, poison dart frog, python, sloth, tapir, tiger and toucan.

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  • Trace and color November pictures and words

    Perfect pages for Preschool, PreK and Kindergarten to trace and color during the month of November! Pictures are Thanksgiving and Fall related and include: acorn, leaf, farmer boy, farmer girl, pumpkin, tree, wagon and turkey.

    On each worksheet, students will trace the picture and word. Then they can color the picture! Perfect for seasonal, holiday work and will help develop fine motor skills and teach new vocabulary. (8 pages)

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  • $2.00

    This 8 page preschool coloring book focuses on color words! Each page has a color word and a large picture to color.

    Color words: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black

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  • $2.50

    This preschool art workbook has a cute animal theme! On each page, students will trace and color a different animal.

    Animals are…

    • – cat
    • – dog
    • – deer
    • – dolphin
    • – fish (goldfish)
    • – giraffe
    • – goat
    • – lion
    • – moose
    • – mouse
    • – shark
    • – sugar glider
    • – zebra
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  • $4.00
    Big and bold, Christmas Letters A-Z Coloring Book has been designed for PreK, Kindergarten and 1st Graders! There is a coloring page for EVERY letter A-Z with a Christmas / Winter theme!
    On each page, students will color a picture, color and trace the letter and the word for that letter.
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  • FREE

    Free Easter coloring book!

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  • $3.00

    This resource, Christmas Coloring Book A-Z, will provide your kids with hours of fun leading up to the Holiday!

    It includes 26 coloring pages (one page for each letter of the alphabet). Each page will show the ‘letter’, a word for that letter’ a coloring picture and a traceable words (such as “S is for Santa”).

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  • Trace and Color the Fruit worksheets

    Easy to use, just print and go worksheets for your students! Students will learn colors as they also practice fine motor skills by coloring fruits of specific colors. This resource can be used as a Science lesson too!

    There are five worksheets:

    • Red: cherry, chili pepper, strawberry, tomato, watermelon (inside), red delicious apple
    • Orange: orange, cantaloupe, peach, pumpkin
    • Yellow: lemon, mango, yellow delicious apple, banana, pineapple
    • Green: chili pepper, grapes, line, honeydew, watermelon (outside), kiwi, zucchini
    • Blue: blueberries / Purple: fig, grapes, plum
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  • fun design coloring page 5

    Students can explore color and their creativity with this fun coloring design!

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  • $2.50

    An informational coloring book about the nervous system for elementary students. There are 9 coloring pages plus a short reading comprehension quiz at the end!

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  • Insect and Creepy Crawlies Coloring Book

    This resource is a print and go resource offering 18 coloring pages of insects plus a couple creepy crawlies! Each page has a large picture to color and the name of the ‘bug’ in font that are also ready to color.

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  • $4.99

    Studying birds? Ornithology? Perhaps you are simply looking for coloring pages of beautiful birds? Here is a resource that would be a good addition to your classroom. Some of the birds included: American Kestrel, Nighthawk, Mourning Dove, Barn Swallow, White-breasted Nuthatch, Blue Jay, Cardinal, Baltimore Oriole and many, many more!

    *** 80 coloring pages, each with a different North American species! ***

    Each page features a large b/w illustration of one bird and the type of bird that is displayed.

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  • $2.00

    Give your little ones a fun way to reinforce their knowledge of numbers with this 11 page coloring book!

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  • $6.00

    A fun, interactive way to introduce early learners to 16 different community helpers through coloring, drawing, tracing and writing! It includes 3 pages for each of the following community helpers:

    • farmer
    • firefighter
    • flight attendant
    • gardener
    • geologist
    • hairdresser
    • highway patrol
    • judge
    • lawyer
    • librarian
    • postman
    • marine biologist
    • mechanic
    • meteorologist
    • microbiologist
    • nurse
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  • $3.00

    This St. Patrick’s Day coloring book includes 27 fun pages to color! Kids will love coloring pictures of rainbows, a pot of gold, leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day village homes and more.

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  • Menorah coloring pages

    2 Hanukkah coloring pages of the menorah – One is a complete menorah for students to color. The other requires students to draw in the candles and then color.

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  • $5.00

    GEOGRAPHY FUN: 50 States – 50 coloring pages! Each coloring page gives the name of the state and the bird. Use with any study on the U.S.A. or simply anytime. Can be used in centers, as seat work or as part of a project. Your students will love them!

    See a list of states / birds in the description below.

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  • $1.50

    Studying Paul Revere, the American Revolution or famous people in American History? Here are three fun pages centered around Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride on which students can get creative!


    • – Coloring page
    • – A page for students to draw their own interpretation of Paul’s ride
    • – A page on which students will write what they believe each of the four people in the picture are either thinking or saying.
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