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    Making predictions before and during reading a book is a critical reading skill. This resource can be used over and over again throughout the school year with your students to help them develop this vital skill.

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  • Reading Strategy Posters | Set of 8

    Set of 8 classroom posters naming different reading strategies:

    • Author’s purpose
    • Summarizing
    • Connecting
    • Compare and Contrast
    • Inference
    • Questioning
    • Visualizing
    • Predicting
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  • Reading Comprehension - Cause and Effect

    This Language Arts resource as been created to teach and reinforce an important comprehension skill: determining cause and effect (the relationship between events – actions and reactions) within the written text. They will also be instructed on ‘signal words’ such as because, do, since, if, as a result of and as.

    In this resource, you’ll get…

    • Classroom poster
    • Student handout
    • 13 student activity pages
    • 3 assessments
    • Answer Keys
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  • Using Graphic Ogranizers to compare and contrast

    The skill of being able to compare and contrast effectively is extremely important throughout subjects: Literature, Science and Social Studies. Comparing and contrasting is necessary for interaction with the environment. Finding differences and/or similarities helps students organize both new and known information. Students need to be able to note differences and similarities between or among objects, ideas, entities, concepts, events, etc..

    This resource includes: 2 posters, an introduction to a Venn diagram and 25 student activity pages. Once you use this resource with your students, they will have mastered the ability to compare and contrast!

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    Part of understanding any written text is being able to determine the author’s purpose. Was the piece written to persuade, to inform or to entertain? This Language Arts / Reading worksheet provides a place for students to ask themselves important questions about the text to help them determine what the purpose of the text is. They will also be asked to support their conclusion with clue’s from within the passage.

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