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    Easy to use, just print and go…This Vocabulary Terms Definitions Worksheet resource provides a template for students to use time and time again with any subject for any vocabulary that you are asking them to study.

    Each page provides space for 5 words. Students will write each terms to be studied and a definition. (Option: If appropriate to the lesson(s), you can assign students to write synonyms or antonyms on the last line as there is plenty of space to do that!)

    Use for Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math – ANY SUBJECT!

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  • Research Notecard (Generic for any project)

    A student tool to aid them in research. Students will use to keep notes while researching. Each card has a place to record:

    • -Important fact
    • -Source
    • -Author
    • -Publication
    • -Other

    Can be used for any subject or research project.

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    One strategy to help students learn unfamiliar vocabulary is called: Guess the meaning. This ready-to-use worksheet has been designed to be used again and again, throughout the school year as students encounter new vocabulary words. Students will write each ‘new‘ word, what they ‘think’ it means and then after looking up the word in a dictionary, they will write an actual definition.

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    Designed for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Grades, this resource can be used in one of two ways…

    1. Reading List Log: Students will list each book they read. Students will record book title, author, date they completed reading the book and type of book section. (fiction or nonfiction).
    2. Reading List: You, the teacher, will assign the book (title and author) which students are to read. Once students complete a book they will complete the date and type of book section ( ‘F’ or ‘NF’ – fiction / nonfiction section).
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    When students are doing library research for articles to help with a project, they need to be able keep a record of articles they find and the correct citation for each. This worksheet has been designed to give them a tool to keep track of article citations and a quick reference for when they cite each within a project.

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