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    Students will create an 18 page mini-book as they learn about different sources of light energy!

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    An engaging science unit teaching students about the properties of matter through hands-on and thought-provoking activities!

    • Lesson 1: Matter (Define)
    • Lesson 2: Solid, Liquid, Gas
    • Lesson 3: Liquid Experiment
    • Lesson 4: Solid Experiment
    • Lesson 5: Gas Experiment
    • Lesson 6: Liquid to Solid
    • Lesson 7: Liquid to Gas
    • Lesson 8: Irreversible Change
    • Lesson 9: Reversible Change
    • Lesson 10: Disassemble Change

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    Learning about various patterns of movement is an important Kindergarten and 1st grade Science concept that is introduced in these worksheets! The movements covered include:
    – fast / slow
    – ziz zag
    – round and round
    – straight line
    – up and down
    – back and forth

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    Give students a visual representation of the electromagnetic spectrum from the radiowave to gamma rays with this classroom Science poster.

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    This Astronomy / Science resource, Constellation Flashcards, contains 2 sets of 24 constellations for a total of 48 cards. (Includes Astrological / Zodiac Constellations)

    • Set one has lines that show the stars connected to create the constellation.
    • Set two shows only the stars of the constellation (no lines). You can use set two to have students learn the ‘grouping of the stars’ as they actually see them in the sky -or- you can allow students to actually draw the lines on each card to help learn the constellations.
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    Experiments in this book involve Magnets, Air, Electricity,Water, Sound, Sight, Machines, Heat, Chemistry and Plants.The many illustrations are self-explanatory– a great book for budding scientists and teachers.

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    Studying ‘Force & Motion‘ in your classroom? This resource has been designed to help students gain a greater understanding as well as to help them retain the information they are learning!

    Includes 2 Mini-Books:

    • 1 for instructional Use (Will help with understanding)
    • 1 for students to complete (Will help with retention of knowledge)
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  • Matter crossword Puzzle

    This fun crossword puzzle is a great way for students to review what they know about matter! If students need help, page 2 contains a ‘word box’ to give students terms from which to choose! Answer Key also provided.

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  • 7 electricity experiements

    This resource includes step by step instructions for performing 7 electricity related experiments including: Building a dry cell battery, a potato battery and a homemade electromagnet.

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    Inject a little history into your science lessons and perform some cool experiments too!
    What you’ll get:

    • – 2 Short informational texts: One on Benjamin Franklin and one on Franklin’s Glass Armonica
    • – 4 Experiments: Bottle Pipes, Lemon Battery, Magnetic Art, and the Thermometer
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    This is a downloadable copy of the book. (279 pages)
    About the book: This out-of-print book will give students details ‘in simple language’ (and illustrations) dealing with steam, electricity, light, heat, sound, hydraulics, optics and other apparatus. (See more in description below)

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    Chemical Energy is released when bonds form in a chemical reaction, often producing heat as a by-product (exothermic reaction).
    Here are four experiments for students to perform which display chemical energy! Experiments include:
    1. Rusty Heat
    2. Easy Endothermic Reaction
    3. Classic Mentos Geyser
    4. Hot Ice

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    Kinetic energy is energy possessed by an object due to its motion or movement. Potential energy is the stored energy of position possessed by an object. Here are eight experiments for students to perform which display chemical energy! Experiments include:
    1. Rube Goldberg Machines
    2. Homemade Marble Run
    3. Bucket Spin
    4. Salad Spinner Art
    5. Rubber Band Vehicles
    6. Rubber Band Car
    7. Flywheel Battery
    8. Pendulum of Peril

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