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    Bible Trivia for Kids includes 3 FUN worksheets, each with 10 trivia questions to test students’ knowledge of the Bible! *30 questions in all *Suggested uses: Use in a religion class, a Sunday School classroom, at a church party or at home with your own kids.

    Sample questions:
    1. Who was the first King in the Bible?
    2. What was Zacchaeus’s job?
    3. What type of bird did Noah send from his ark in search for land?

    Answer Keys provided

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    Here is a fun game for anyone wanting a Bible based game for a group! Batter-up…
    and get ready to have group fun with trivia questions. Designed to be used with a Christian school setting, in a Sunday School class, during a youth group event or at a Bible study group party!

    This resource includes instructions on how to play, keep score and 30 trivia questions. You are also encouraged to add your own!

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