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    15 worksheet activities to help students practice and reinforce important Grammar skills!

    Here are the skills covered:
    1. Proofreading – Spotting incomplete sentences, spelling mistakes, capitalization
    2. Using punctuation correctly – periods, commas, quotation marks
    3. Writing to inform: Correct sequencing, adding supporting evidence, descriptive writing, title creation
    4. Writing dialogue
    5. Using Tense correctly – past, present, future
    6. Perspective – 1st, 2nd and 3rd person
    7. Homophones

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    This unit will teach and give students practice in identifying and writing four types of sentences:

    • declarative
    • exclamatory
    • imperative
    • interrogative


    • – Posters
    • – 16 Worksheets
    • – Answer keys
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    This workbook resource will give students the explanations and practice they need to master important grammar skills which will help them be successful in writing and ready them for national and/or state testing. Includes a pretest, a post test and answer keys.

    Suggestion of use: Have students create a grammar journal during their learning. On the first day of each new lesson, have students write in their journal the topic, any rules and quick examples. This will help them commit the information to memory and can also be a quick resource for them in the future. If a lesson has more than one practice section, each can be spread out throughout the week for quick mini-practice. There are 30 ‘lessons’. This workbook can be spread out through the year or completed more quickly depending on how you choose to assign each lesson and the practices. (See description below for further information)

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