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  • $2.00

    This fun amphibian themed paper can be used by all ages for a variety of uses such as writing essays, poetry, creating reports, science and nature journaling and even art projects!

    Includes 9 pages:
    – 3 Salamander (single lined, dashed line, blank center)
    – 3 Newt (single lined, dashed line, blank center)
    – 3 Frog & Toad ( (single lined, dashed line, blank center)

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  • $3.50

    This February resource will inspire students to complete writing assignments and projects! Provides multiple levels of lined paper (wide dashed, smaller dashed and then single lined), students can use to write fun narratives, poems and letters to others. They can also use to write their Spelling or Vocabulary words. 53 total designs included!! See description below for more about what is included!

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  • $1.25

    Winter Sports Color and Write is a 7 student page Language Arts resource. On each page, students can color a picture and then write a story, a short report or perhaps even create a poem…as their creative thinking is sparked!

    Are any international or national winter sports games happening? The Olympics perhaps or a World or National Championship? This resource would be great to use during those times…but can be used ANY TIME!

    Included Winter Sports: skiing, skating, bob sledding, hockey, and snowboarding PLUS you’ll find two pages that depict participants standing and receiving medals

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  • Writing Paper for Spring - Student Publishing

    Something for everyone…Spring Writing Paper for Reports, Poetry and Creative Writing has 101 different designed pages for student publishing! Fun and colorful, students will love using these pages for their final drafts. Included are pages that are perfect for all types of writing assignments, fun stories, creative poems, holidays like Easter and Mother’s day, reports on Spring weather, nature and much more.

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  • $1.00

    This resource provides 4 writing papers for students to self-publish their very own ‘Superhero’ story!

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