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    A fun and whimsical cross-curricular activity that your students will love. Students will read a ‘going back in time’ narrative about a young man finding himself aboard a ship with Christopher Columbus. After reading the passage and answering a few ‘get you thinking’ questions, students will be asked to ‘complete the story’. Ask students not only to use their knowledge and skills of writing but also their knowledge about Columbus, the time, the passage to the ‘New World’, living conditions, etc. You may also ask them to do a little research to find out more about the subject before completing the story.

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    This resource, Pumpkin Poetry, has been created to spark your students’ imaginations and creative writing!

    Covering 9 different types of poetry:

    • Acrostic
    • Diamante
    • Haiku
    • Limerick
    • Mono rhyme
    • Cinquain
    • Minute
    • Tanka
    • Shape

    See description below for more details.

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    Nine ready to use writing prompts (topic: the Olympics) to get students thinking and writing! Use in a writing center and allow students to choose which they want to use or assign as part of a writing lesson. (Recommended for grades 4th-8th)

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    Give students a resource to refer to when they are writing! This classroom poster will give 8 examples of how students can ‘change’ common words to more interesting and descriptive words within their writing. Having this resource will encourage and spark student creativity as they will begin to think about how they can expand their writing vocabulary.

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