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  • Fungi - Mushrooms Classroom Posters

    Set of three mushroom posters for the classroom showing 23 different species. Perfect for any Science or Biology class studying fungi!

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    This 5 page booklet will guide students through common minerals which are found in rock, rock textures and the major rock types: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

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  • invertebrate key

    This 21 page resource will take students step by step through a guided identification process for invertebrates.  This key is designed for 6th – 12th grades.

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  • $1.00

    You can use this resource as a poster or a handout – the Periodic Table of Elements (with a ‘how to read each element’ visual model).

    The table shows all elements through 103 Lr and is color coordinated showing:
    – alkali metal
    – alkaline earth
    – transition metal
    – basic metal
    – semimetals
    – nonmetals
    – halogens
    – noble gas
    – langthanides
    – actinides

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  • insect pictorial guide - woodland insects

    Students love entomology! What is that bug? Some may use the term MINI-BEAST. Is it an insect, a spider, a slug? “I found this bug in the woods, but what is it called?” To help answer student questions like these, here is an easy to use PICTORIAL IDENTIFICATION KEY!

    Woodland minibeasts included on this picture guide: snail, worm, larvae (pupae), slug, beetle, earwig, aphid, weevil, harvestman, spider, woodlouse, centipede and millipede (all common creepy crawlies found in the woods)

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