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    These worksheets will give students practice comparing the height, weight and length of given animals, an important 1st grade Math skill! This workbook includes 10 students worksheets plus answer keys. Each worksheet displays pictures of animals throughout the world and from differing habitats! This can not only peak student interest but you can also extend lessons by talking about the animals and where they may be found.

    What you get:

    • – 2 worksheets identifying / comparing shortest or tallest
    • – 1 worksheet identifying / comparing shortest to tallest
    • – 2 worksheets identifying visual height
    • – 1 worksheet identifying visual length
    • – 2 worksheets identifying / comparing weight – less
    • – 2 worksheets identifying / comparing weight – more
    • – Answer Keys
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  • $3.00

    This Pi Day Activity has been designed for Science and Math classrooms. Students will use measuring tools to determine the radius, diameter, and circumference of various circular objects. They will then use the data that they collect to calculate pi.

    *This activity gives students the opportunity to clearly understand the concept of the number pi and practice math skills through a hands-on activity with a variety of circular objects.

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    A step by step Geometry curriculum to teach students with ease. Students will learn about angles, lines, triangles, polygons,quadrilaterals, prisms, coordinate geometry, slope and more!

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