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    Students learning about individual U.S. States? This resource, Geography Nomenclature Cards – States of the U.S.A., will be a great addition to your classroom.

    Includes two sets of State nomenclature cards PLUS pocket templates. Set one is best used with the pockets (see included photo). Set two can be used with or without the pockets. Students can use either (both) sets to study the location of each state. Students can also test themselves to see if they know the name of each state when shown the location!

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  • $3.99

    This set of U.S. Regions – Geography – Nomenclature cards consists of 20 cards – See description below for details for each card.

    Use in any study of Geography of the United States, individual state studies, in centers, as handouts, on displays, etc! This set has the U.S. divided into *4 regions as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau


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  • $5.00

    Studying the U.S. Presidents, U.S. History, or U.S. Government? These U.S. Presidents Fact Cards are perfect for students wanting to learn more about each president, from Washington to Biden. Also includes 2 blank templates to use for future presidents.

    Three info cards per page, each approximately 5″ x 3″. To use year after year, laminate the cards after you print and cut out.

    Each card includes:

    • Photo and Name
    • Date of Birth (some include date of death)
    • Party affiliation
    • Age when inaugurated
    • Term (years of service)
    • A famous fact(s)
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  • $2.00

    This resource, Continents – World Geography Nomenclature Cards, will help your students learn the shape of each of the seven continents!

    Includes 2 sets:
    – Color set for a Social Studies / Geography Center or for use on an interactive bulletin board
    – B/W set to give each student there own ‘flash’ nomenclature cards

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  • Community Helpers Flash Cards

    There is a flash card with an adorable illustration of each of  48 community helpers in this product. (See description below for a list)

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  • $2.00

    This resource, Oceans – World Geography Nomenclature Cards, will help your students learn the names and locations of the world’s 5 major oceans: Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern.

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