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    ‘Birds of Prey’ is a 41 page download and offers pages specifically designed to help students organize and present research reports for each bird. Also included are several ‘blank’ pages for students to use when researching other birds as well as pages to add additional information to any report.

    See description below for the list of included birds!

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  • plant cell coloring worksheets

    Interactive Science learning – This resource includes 2 coloring worksheets: Simple Plant Cell and Complex Plant Cell. As students color (identify) each part, they will also create a corresponding key.

    Structures to be identified and colored:

    1. Simple Plant Cell – cell wall, mitochondria, chloroplast, cell membrane, vacuole, nucleus, cytoskeleton

    2. Complex Plant Cell – cell wall, mitochondria, chloroplast, cell membrane, vacuole, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum w/ ribosomes, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, nucleus, nucleolus, peroxisome, cytoskeleton

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  • skeletal-system-lapbook

    Students will enjoy this ANATOMY / BIOLOGY / HEALTH resource as they learn about their bones and skeletal system! Using this product, students can create either a lapbook or a Science notebook.

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  • $3.00
    Pumpkin Science has several fun, hands-on activities that ask students to compare, contrast, observe, estimate, count, sort, investigate, graph and much more…Students can even create a Pumpkin Science Journal or use pages as notebooking pages.
    See more about this product in the description below.
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  • $3.50

    Notebooking is a coined term for what can also be referred to as educational journaling or scrapbooking. 

    There are over 400 known species of sharks in the world! Most students love studying sharks and this unit has been created to help students record the knowledge they learn during a study on sharks as well as personal reflections of what has been learned.

    This resource includes:

    • – Creating a Notebooking Project…What is Notebookiing?
    • – Supply list
    • – Teacher pages
    • – Student organizational pages
    •  -‘Jump off’ Questions designed to get students thinking about the different shark related questions they can research
    • – 32 Notebooking pages


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  • $5.00

    Give students an engaging way to learn about plants with this interactive, project based resource. Designed to be used for multiple ages and grades, 3rd-6th grades, students will learn about plants:

    • – classification
    • – photosynthesis
    • – the plant cell
    • – parts of the plant
    • – things plants need to grow
    • – the life cycle of a plant
    •  – plant leaves
    •  – different types of plants (non-flowering, carnivorous, poisonous)
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  • $1.00

    Students learn best through hands-on learning. This solar eclipse activity has been designed to help students visualize a solar eclipse through using common objects to actually demonstrate one!

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  • nervous system notebooking

    This BIOLOGY / HEALTH / ANATOMY / BODY SYSTEMS resource centers around the human nervous system and is a notebooking project unit. This interactive 56 page resource will require students to perform research and can be used independently or along side your curriculum.

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  • $5.00

    Designed to use with multiple age / grade levels, this 79 page Shark Lapbook resource will teach students about…SHARKS! By the end of project, students will not only have learned about sharks but will have a lasting project that they have created.


    • – Basic Lapbooking instructions
    • – 11 Informational pages on sharks (informational articles, diagrams, species specific details and more)
    • – OVER 50 pages of templates and instructions on how to use the templates
    • – Vocabulary with definitions

    This can be a self-contained resource (using no other outside research materials) or students can do further research to learn even more!


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  • $2.00

    This resource can be used to research and report on one bird or use again and again to create an entire collection of notebook pages on local birds. Regardless of where you live, these pages will have students observing and learning about local birds.

    Once a student identifies the bird to be researched, they will report on…
    – where the bird lives
    – habitat
    – physical characteristics
    – diet
    – predators
    …as well as self-reflection on their learning.

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  • $3.00

    This interactive unit for students will allow them to create a cute LAPBOOK about PUMPKINS! Great to use anytime, especially in October or November during the Fall Holidays.

    See description below for more details on this resource AND suggested uses.

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  • $4.00

    This engaging, hands-on project will give students the materials necessary to learn all about owls and create a great project to display their learning!

    Suggested for 3rd-6th grades. (See description for more information)

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  • $4.99

    This resource contains everything your students need to complete it. No need to do additional research, although this should be encouraged. So whether you are looking for a completely self-contained unit or one that allows for in-depth study, this is it…Snow Goose Lapbook Unit!

    Students will study all aspects of the Snow Goose’s life, vocabulary related to the informational reading contained within the unit, complete map work and more.

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  • $7.00

    Help your students become self-learners as the plan, research, organize and most of all…LEARN as they create their own Volcano notebook project. This cross-curricular resource has been designed to inspire and guide students through the learning and reporting process as they learn how volcanoes are formed, prediction of eruptions, types of volcanoes, where they are located and more.

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  • $3.50

    Studying bats? Here is a resource that will allow students to create a beautiful project that will show off what they’ve learned. This 49 page project unit includes…

    • – Explanation page about creating a notebooking project
    • – Suggested supply list
    • – Evaluation rubric
    • – Assignment page
    • – Table of contents pages
    • – Vocabulary & Reference pages
    • – Project KWL
    • – Notebooking pages
    • – Fold-able templates
    • – Bat pictures
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  • $4.00

    Designed for 4th-8th grade, students will love playing this hands-on game as they…

    • – deliver oxygen and food to the cells
    • – have oxygen and carbon dioxide ‘ride’ on red blood cells
    • – circulate red blood cells throughout the body – through the circulatory system (arteries and veins)

    The first team to get all their oxygen to the cells, all the food to the cells, all the wastes to the kidneys and all the carbon dioxides to the lungs, wins the game!

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