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  • insect note cards for science students

    Easy to use, print and go, insect note cards for your students to use! Perfect for any Science / Biology classroom studying insects (entomology). This is a set of 4 note cards. On each, students will draw and name the insect as well as listing where the insect lives, what it eats and one interesting fact.

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  • Research Notecard (Generic for any project)

    A student tool to aid them in research. Students will use to keep notes while researching. Each card has a place to record:

    • -Important fact
    • -Source
    • -Author
    • -Publication
    • -Other

    Can be used for any subject or research project.

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  • $1.00

    Before students begin a science project, it’s important to know important vocabulary and understand the process scientists use to design and perform experiments. This resource is a student handout that will give students the important information that they need.

    To use again and again, laminate or place inside a sheet / page protector!

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  • $1.50

    When doing research, students will find many written documents that could be appropriate to draw from. However, it is important to analyze each. Why? Analyzing historical documents requires students to identify the purpose, message, and audience of a text. This worksheets is a graphic organizer that will guide students through the analysis of these documents.

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  • $3.00

    This layered research assignment gives students the opportunity to delve deeply into a topic and give students a variety of tasks from which to choose, all designed to guide and build a meaningful learning experience. Also, when using this layered approach, students will move through Bloom’s Taxonomy of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

    This resource is designed to be used with 6th-12th grade students and can be used for any subject/topic.

    This resource will guide students through (step by step) three layers of research:
    * The first (bottom) layer will give students 9 tasks of which they will perform all of them. This layer will help students get a good grasp of the topic and begin to gather the materials they will need to create a great project, (knowledge and comprehension).

    * For the second (middle) layer, students are given 6 tasks of which they will choose to complete 4. Here, students will continue to gain knowledge and comprehension as well as begin applying (application), analyzing (analysis) and even some synthesizing (synthesis) of what is being learned.

    * For the third (top) layer, students are given 9 tasks of which they will choose to complete 6. This top layer of tasks is truly designed for students to move further into synthesizing and evaluating (evaluation) of the material that has been studied.

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  • $0.50

    Here is a worksheet for students to use when the are learning about volcanoes! KWL worksheets are to be used at the beginning and end of any study.

    K – What I know (Students list everything they already know – prior knowledge)

    W – What I want to learn (Students begin thinking about what they don’t know and what they want to investigate about the given topic…i.e. volcanoes!)

    L – What I’ve learned (After the study is complete, students will complete this section giving details about what ‘new’ things they have learned)

    There is also a section for students to reveal what the most ‘interesting’ fact was that they learned. Your students will love the reflection and enjoy sharing their answers.

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  • Insect Study - KWL Worksheets

    Want student to investigate a variety of different types of insects? This K-W-L resource includes 13 different KWL worksheets so that students (individually or in cooperative groups) can use as they study different bugs and creepy crawlies. Perhaps they want (or you want) the focus to be on insects that hop or ground dwelling insects. What if their study should focus on beetles only or butterflies and moths? Not only will you get worksheets for a variety of specified ‘types’ of insects but I’ve also included some that can be tailor designed to what you or your students choose to study!

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  • $1.00

    Here are two worksheets for students to use to create the periodic table of elements.
    – One for elements only
    – One to create a color key showing the type of elements

    These are great for students to use when they are just learning the elements and can be used as a student-created study guide as well.

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  • Comparing Insects using Venn Diagram - Science

    Here are 2 ready to use Venn Diagram Science activities for students to use to compare 2 or 3 insects. On each, students will list the insects they will compare and contrast, draw a picture of each and then complete the Venn Diagram.

    Extend the activity by asking students to write a paragraph or short report about their discoveries!

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