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  • $2.25

    Ten worksheets for students to practice adding and subtracting using visual blocks (with sums and minuends to 20).


    • – 5 addition worksheets each including 12 problems to solve with visual blocks plus one addition problem for students to solve without blocks. For this final problem, students are asked to draw blocks to show their understanding.
    • – 5 subtraction worksheets each including 12 problems to solve with visual blocks plus one subtraction problem where students are to label the minuend and the subtrahend.
    • – Answer keys
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  • $1.50

    Give students practice adding and subtracting 10 (numbers 0 to 100) with these 5 worksheets. The product has 2 sets of worksheets plus answer keys.

    Set 1: 3 worksheets for students to add 10 to a given number (given number plus next 4 numbers adding 10) – 5 problems each
    Set 2: 2 worksheets for students to add or subtract ten. Students are given 5 boxes for each problem. 2 of the 5 boxes contain numbers and students are to add or subtract 10 given the sequence they are given. Each problem will only ask students to add or subtract.

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  • $3.75

    Give students the practice they need to really understand and learn to add and subtract with sums and minuends to 20. This product includes 29 worksheets and a total of 372 addition and subtraction problems! Students will be asked to complete addition problems by filling in the missing addends, subtraction problems by filling in the missing minuends or subtrahends, and finding sums and products. Problems are presented both vertically as well as horizontally plus every worksheet includes a number line that students can use!

    Use as part of your core work, extra practice, homework or in centers.

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  • $2.50

    These Commutative Property of Addition 1st Grade Math Worksheets are a great addition to your first grade print and go resources. These worksheets are great for introducing a concept, review, assessments, homework, or center practice.

    What you get:

    • – 3 Worksheets for students to write the sums and draw pictures to represent each addition sentence.
    • – 2 Worksheets for students to write addition sentences based on dominoes and then write the sums.
    • – 1 Worksheet for students to match the correct addition sentence based on commutative property
    • – 4 Worksheets for students to complete the missing addend to show commutative property
    • – Answer Keys


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  • $2.75

    Learning to add 3 addends with sums to 20 is important for first graders to learn to do! This resource will help students learn to add 3 addends and demonstrate understanding of this skill.

    What you get:

    • – 5 Worksheets where students are asked to draw pictures to illustrate each problem and write the sum. (6 problems on each)
    • – 5 Worksheets where students will simply write the sums (12 problems on each)
    • – 5 Worksheets where students will write the sums and the create a word problem to illustrate their understanding!

    Answer keys are provided

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  • $2.25

    10 word problem worksheets for students to add and subtract numbers 1 to 20! Each worksheet includes 3 word problems and requires students to illustrate each addition and subtraction problem showing their understanding of the concepts. Answer Keys included.

    Try before you buy: To get a FREE worksheet from this resource click here!

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  • Fact Families - math Worksheets

    Students will love practicing their ability to add and subtract creating fact families on these fun, Christmas-themed pages! This product includes 16 different no prep worksheets, ready to print and go.

    (See description below for additional information!)

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  • First Grade Math

    Give your students the practice they need with the First Grade Math Skills Workbook. This fun, November themed review resource will give students extra practice in the following areas:

    • – Addition facts to 20
    • – Addition higher than 20 (no carry)
    • – Finding the missing addends
    • – Adding doubles to 24
    • – Subtraction facts to 20
    • – Word problems (Solving and explain through pictures) – addition and subtraction
    • – Skip counting by 2 (Filling in the missing numbers)
    • – Creating equal addition equations
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  • $3.00

    Here is a FULL MONTH of Math pages with a Snowman theme for 1st Grade! Includes: 30 student pages for practice and reinforcement of many 1st grade math skills.

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  • $3.00

    November Math for 1st Grade will be a great addition to your November lesson plans! Use for reinforcement and/or review of skills, as seat work for those early finishers, in math centers or for homework.

    See description below for a list of skills included in this resource.

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  • March Math

    Hands Off Me Gold is a FUN March Math file folder game that is designed to help students practice addition and subtraction facts 0-30. Your students are going to LOVE this St. Patrick’s Day themed math center with leprechauns, pots and gold coins!

    Included: Gold coins with over 720 addition and subtraction problems (numbers used are from 0 – 30) Also included are blank gold coins and pots so that you can design the game even further. Can be used with PreK to 2nd grade because you choose the difficulty level.

    Click here to see a short flipbook preview of this product!

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  • $8.00

    When it is cold out and you want FUN, NO PREP lessons, this is the resource: Snow Themed / Winter Unit for Firsties! This unit will provide you with a couple months worth of student activities.

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  • $3.00

    28 STUDENT PAGES: Kindergarten Christmas Activities – Numbers, Letters, Colors offers students practice in… tracing, matching, cutting, coloring and pasting.

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  • $3.00

    This resource can be used for hours of Math learning, reinforcement and practice during December and give lessons a Christmas holiday twist!

    What you get:

    • * Nutcracker themed number cards 1 – 120
    • * Extra blank cards
    • * 100s chart poster and handout
    • * Addition table
    • * Multiplication table
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  • $3.00

    Fun Kindergarten math pages to use during the month of March to review and sharpen important skills:

    • addition
    • subtraction
    • creating patterns
    • identifying shapes
    • size comparison and more!
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  • $2.25

    Give your students the practice they need to reinforce and demonstrate fluency for addition with sums up to 20. This resource includes 200 problems – 10 worksheets with 20 problems each. Use as ‘normal worksheets‘ or give as timed drills! Answer keys provided.

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  • $3.00

    Christmas Math for Kindergarten is perfect for the holidays with 18 engaging worksheets that can be used in math centers, for seat work or fun, holiday homework.

    * Number recognition
    * Number word recognition
    * Simple 1 digit addition and subtraction
    * Fine motor skills through tracing numbers and number words as well as cutting and pasting!

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  • $3.50

    Designed to reinforce important 1st grade math skills ,your 1st grade students will love the cute bears, penguins, hearts and other cute graphics that fill the pages.  16 different colorful worksheets. To save ink cost, these print well in black and white only as well!

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  • $5.00

    This WINTER Math Skills Review resource as a fun Winter / Snowman theme and covers a multitude of 1st grade Math skills.

    Suggested uses: For reinforcement of skills, in math centers, for seat work or to give as homework.

    Perfect for January or any winter month and with 57 student pages, you actually have a couple months worth of activities!

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  • $2.50

    This unit has been designed to use with various ages and skill levels. GREAT for visual learners as well as your kinesthetic learners who love manipulatives!

    Included in Shamrock Math – Cards, Counters and Mats:
    – Clover ‘shamrock’ counters for numbers 1-100 and additional blank cards
    – 60 individual clover ‘shamrock’ counters
    – Group of tens clover ‘shamrock’ counters (2 styles)
    – Base ten blocks (green): hundreds, tens and ones
    – 8 Math mats
    – 16 Worksheets (varied skill levels)

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