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  • Sale! Arctic Animal Notebooking Bundle

    This Arctic Animal Notebooking Bundle includes three products: Arctic Wolf, the Arctic Ground Squirrel and the Caribou. Each individual resource can be used when studying the arctic habitat, tundra animals or as a cross-curricular unit that will have students reading, writing, completing map work (geography) and learning about the lives of these animals (science).

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  • $6.99

    This unit on habitats and the animals that live in each is an interactive learning unit that allows students to be hands-on and create a beautiful project be the completion of the study! Use as a mini-course, in a Science center or in conjunction with any other habitat study. Also, perfect to use for informational text studies!

    Use the complete unit (or) use only parts of it. Designed for 1st – 3rd grades so it has been designed to work well with multiple ages/grades.

    Comes in both black/white pages as well as color (so you decide if you want to print using color ink or not as well as if you want your students to color or not).

    See included habitats and animals in description below.

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  • $4.00

    Students love learning through interactive, hands-on games! This Science resource will help your students learn to identify and classify animals based on the habitat in which they live! Includes 8 habitats and 72 animal cards.

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  • $1.75

    Students love to create and this resource, Shape Book – Polar Bears, will give them a fun template to create! Whether they are publishing a story, a poem or a brief report about the arctic, arctic animals or polar bears, their work will be extra special to them using these polar bear templates.

    See description below for suggestions on how to use.

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  • $2.50

    Hands-on learning! Students will create their own mini-book while learning about 8 different habitats, animals that live in those habitats and what animals need to survive in their habitats!

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  • $1.00

    11 animals that live in water – picture cards. Each card includes the type of animal, a short description and a picture to color.
    Animals included are:

    • – frog
    • – sea lion
    • – trout
    • – sea horse
    • – squid
    • – right whale
    • – bottlenose dolphin
    • – sea otter
    • – tiger shark
    • – green sea turtle
    • – sea snake
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  • $1.00

    10 plants that grow in water – picture cards. Each card includes the type of plant, a short description and a picture to color.
    Plants included are:
    – water lily
    – duckweed
    – sea palm
    – water hyacinth
    – floating heart
    – watercress
    – wasabi
    – wild rice
    – cattail (bulrush)
    – sea grass

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