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    This informational text will help define matter and its 3 main stages (solid, liquid and gas). After students read the article, they will be asked comprehension questions to assess their understanding. Answer Key also included.

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    You can use this resource as a poster or a handout – the Periodic Table of Elements (with a ‘how to read each element’ visual model).

    The table shows all elements through 103 Lr and is color coordinated showing:
    – alkali metal
    – alkaline earth
    – transition metal
    – basic metal
    – semimetals
    – nonmetals
    – halogens
    – noble gas
    – langthanides
    – actinides

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    Chemical Energy is released when bonds form in a chemical reaction, often producing heat as a by-product (exothermic reaction).
    Here are four experiments for students to perform which display chemical energy! Experiments include:
    1. Rusty Heat
    2. Easy Endothermic Reaction
    3. Classic Mentos Geyser
    4. Hot Ice

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    Here are two worksheets for students to use to create the periodic table of elements.
    – One for elements only
    – One to create a color key showing the type of elements

    These are great for students to use when they are just learning the elements and can be used as a student-created study guide as well.

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