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    Give students the practice they need to solve two-step addition and subtraction problems with these worksheets! Includes 20 worksheets plus answer keys in all. Here is what is included:

    • – 10 two-step addition and subtraction problems using numbers up to 50
    • – 10 two-step addition and subtraction problems using numbers up to 100
    • – Answer keys

    Each worksheet has 6 problems for students to solve plus asks students to show their work. They can use drawings and/or equations to explain their reasoning and understanding.

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    Help students understand an addition math array as repeated addition with these two colorful classroom posters! Great for visual learners.

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  • $2.25

    An array is a group of objects arranged in rows and columns. We can use arrays to show repeated addition! This resource provides 6 worksheets for students to practice repeated addition through math arrays. Includes answer keys.

    Add these posters to your study: Math Posters | Addition Arrays

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  • $2.25

    Ten worksheets for students to practice adding and subtracting using visual blocks (with sums and minuends to 20).


    • – 5 addition worksheets each including 12 problems to solve with visual blocks plus one addition problem for students to solve without blocks. For this final problem, students are asked to draw blocks to show their understanding.
    • – 5 subtraction worksheets each including 12 problems to solve with visual blocks plus one subtraction problem where students are to label the minuend and the subtrahend.
    • – Answer keys
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  • Fact Families - math Worksheets

    Students will love practicing their ability to add and subtract creating fact families on these fun, Christmas-themed pages! This product includes 16 different no prep worksheets, ready to print and go.

    (See description below for additional information!)

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  • 3rd Grade math

    Math Skills Practice Workbook has been designed to review and practice 3rd grade skills. These skills include addition, subtraction, money, comparing numbers, telling time, and identifying polygons.

    Includes 10 student worksheets + answer keys

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  • February math worksheets for 2nd and 3rd Grades

    This February NO PREP packet is everything you’ll need for an entire month of Math review for 2nd and 3rd grades! This Valentine’s Day themed resource is jam packed with a variety of activities to get your students practicing and reinforcing important Math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, word problems, critical thinking, geometry, measurement, time, fractions and more.

    Read the description below for more details of the skills covered in this resource or view a complete flipbook preview here!

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  • March Math

    Hands Off Me Gold is a FUN March Math file folder game that is designed to help students practice addition and subtraction facts 0-30. Your students are going to LOVE this St. Patrick’s Day themed math center with leprechauns, pots and gold coins!

    Included: Gold coins with over 720 addition and subtraction problems (numbers used are from 0 – 30) Also included are blank gold coins and pots so that you can design the game even further. Can be used with PreK to 2nd grade because you choose the difficulty level.

    Click here to see a short flipbook preview of this product!

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  • $2.50

    Perfect for 2nd and 3rd grades, this resource includes 3 sets of cards to play a matching game.  Each set includes 22 cards to create 11 matches. Students will need to either add or subtract to find the matches. *Play as a memory (concentration) game by turning the cards face down. Have each player on his or her turn, turn over two cards. If they match they keep those cards, if they do not match they turn them back face down and it is then the next person’s turn. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards win!

    Sample match…
    – On card would say…15 less than 31
    – The matching card would be…16

    You can use all sets separately or combine them for bigger games!

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  • $8.00

    Christmas Math for 2nd and 3rd Grades is a large download with 76 student pages! Great for math centers, seat work, cooperative learning and/or fun holiday related homework. (Although this unit was designed for 2nd and 3rd grades, it would work wonderful for advanced 1st grade or remedial 4th grade!)

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