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    Experiments in this book involve Magnets, Air, Electricity,Water, Sound, Sight, Machines, Heat, Chemistry and Plants.The many illustrations are self-explanatory– a great book for budding scientists and teachers.

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  • 7 electricity experiements

    This resource includes step by step instructions for performing 7 electricity related experiments including: Building a dry cell battery, a potato battery and a homemade electromagnet.

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    Before students begin a science project, it’s important to know important vocabulary and understand the process scientists use to design and perform experiments. This resource is a student handout that will give students the important information that they need.

    To use again and again, laminate or place inside a sheet / page protector!

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    This is a Science lab during which students will…

    • – Learn the parts of a compound light microscope and their functions
    • – Learn to calculate the magnification
    • – Learn how to make a wet mount slide
    • – Learn to use the microscope
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