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    A Day in History – Investigation Station is a series of fun sleuthing research activities based on a single event on a specific day in history! This resource centers around the convening of the First Continental Congress. Investigation ideas include the study of the Intolerable Acts, the delegates that attended and finding out why Georgia did not send a delegate.

    Students will learn about an event and be given several topics from which to choose to ‘investigate’. After some exploration, students are asked to write what they have discovered and name used sources.

    So…with each lesson, students will:
    ▪ (Read) Learn one ‘On this Day in History’ fact.
    ▪ (Investigate) Take a related topic and explore it through the use of different forms of media (i.e. books, internet).
    ▪ (Write) Summarize and write what they have discovered. This also should include the recording of sources.

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    This student-centered, engaging resource has been designed to give students a good working knowledge of Paul Revere and related information surrounding the American Revolution.

    (See description below for more details)

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    This informational article will help students understand one of ‘taxes’ imposed upon the colonies by King George prior to the American Revolution. After reading, students will be questions to assess their comprehension of the material.

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