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    This Pre-algebra math resource will provide students with the practice they need to add and subtract fractions. There are 4  sets within this product and each set includes 5 different worksheets. Sets 1-3 offer increasing levels of difficulty. Set 4 provides students with multiple choice answers.

    Set 1: Easiest – Students are asked to add and subtract 3 and 4 fractions, all positive numbers.
    Set 2: Medium – Students are asked to add and subtract 3 and 4 fractions, negative numbers are included.
    Set 3: Hardest – Students are asked to add and subtract 4 fractions, fractions are much larger.
    Set 4: Multiple choice – Students are asked to add and subtract 3 and 4 fractions and given 4 possible solutions from which to choose.

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    BUNDLED FOR SAVINGS! This bundle includes 3 products from My Teaching Library. These Pre-algebra math resources will provide students with the practice they need to add and subtract decimals. Students will be given both positive and negative decimals. Decimals may be up to three places (tenths, hundredths and thousandths).


    Beginning with product #1 and ending with #3, you will find increasing difficulty!

    • Adding and Subtracting Decimals 1 includes 2 decimal numbers to add and subtract
    • Adding and Subtracting Decimals 2 includes 3 decimal numbers to add and subtract
    • Adding and Subtracting Decimals 3 includes 4 decimal numbers to add and subtract

    There are 160 problems within each of the 3 resources for a total of 480 problems!


    Answer Keys are provided – Just print and go!

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    This Pre-Algebra resource will give students practice in solving one-sided equations with a defined variable. The defined variable will range from -99 to 99. This resource includes:

    • 5 student worksheets (each with 36 problems) – a total of 180 problems.
    • Answer keys


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  • division workbook

    This advanced division workbook includes 20 student worksheets with answer keys. There are three levels of difficulty, all quotients will include remainders and there are a total of 240 problems. This workbook as been designed for 5th, 6th and 7th grades.

    Sections include:
    Worksheets 1-10 – Divide 3 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers (120 problems)
    Worksheets 11-15 – Divide 4 and 5 digit numbers by 3 digit numbers (60 problems)
    Worksheets 16-20 – Divide 5 and 6 digit numbers by 3 and 4 digit numbers (60 problems)

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  • Middle School Math Worksheets

    These middle school math worksheets have been designed to review and practice a variety of skills. Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades will gain valuable practice in a variety of areas. Includes 203 problems, 10 student worksheets + answer keys! Clip art (leaves) have been added to each page to add a seasonal, autumn flair.

    See description below for a list of reviewed skills.

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  • Sale! Financial Literacy - Simple Compound Interest Units

    This consumer math bundle will teach students about both simple and compound interest and give them the practice they need to help them master solving word problems!



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  • Simple Compound Interest Worksheets

    This consumer math resource has been designed to help teach students and give them the practice they need to master the concepts taught.

    The first two pages will explain interest (simple and compound) and give students the formulas they will need to solve the word problems. There are 60 word problems in all. 3 sets of 10 simple interest problems and 3 sets of 10 compound interest problems. Answer keys are provided.

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    Give students the practice they need when learning to solve one-step, one-variable equations! This resource provides 7 different worksheets, each with 25 problems for a total of 175 problems. All equations in this set of worksheets use only the properties of addition and subtraction.

    Answer Keys provided.

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    Give your Algebra I and Algebra II students a tool they can really use! This Visual Algebra Glossary will be an invaluable resource giving them explanations, definitions and examples of 144 terms. Easy to follow and understand, students will turn to this resource while learning new concepts, completing work and studying for exams.

    There are four color coded sections, each with an term index:

    • – Expressions & Operations
    • – Equations & Inequalities
    • – Relations & Functions
    • – Statistics

    73 pages

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    This resource is designed to give students the practice the need to become proficient at multiplying decimal numbers. There are three levels, 15 worksheets (20 problems each) and answer keys. That’s 300 problems! Use as practice sheets, homework, or for quizzes and tests.

    Also included: Visual poster to help students with ‘where to place’ the decimal point in their answers.

    3 Levels:

    • Level 1 (5 worksheets)
      Tenths multiplied by tenths
    • Level 2 (5 worksheets)
      Tenths multiplied by hundreds and/or by thousandths
      Hundredths multiplied by hundredths and/or by thousandths
    • Level 3 (5 worksheets)
      Mixed from tenths/hundredths/thousandths multiplied by tenths/hundredths/thousandths
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    This 123 page math resource will help students who are learning (or struggling to understand) algebra better by giving detailed explanations of related terminology and concepts. This book as been categorized as curriculum because of the detailed explanations of the topics. It however, is for instructional use only and does not include student problems.

    (See description below for covered topics)

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    A step by step Geometry curriculum to teach students with ease. Students will learn about angles, lines, triangles, polygons,quadrilaterals, prisms, coordinate geometry, slope and more!

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