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    Learning about various patterns of movement is an important Kindergarten and 1st grade Science concept that is introduced in these worksheets! The movements covered include:
    – fast / slow
    – ziz zag
    – round and round
    – straight line
    – up and down
    – back and forth

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  • $5.25

    Telling time is an important Math skill to learn in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grades. This math unit will give you everything you need to teach this skill! This resource includes:

    – 5 Posters
    – 84 Student Pages (See detailed description below)
    – Answer Keys

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  • $3.50

    Teach students the names and attributes of ten 3D shapes. Students will also be asked to distinguish between 2D and 3D shapes with this resource! Shapes include the cube, sphere, cone, rectangular prism, triangular prism, hexagonal prism, pentagonal prism, pyramid, cylinder, hemisphere

    What you get in the resource:

    • – 5 worksheets asking students to distinguish between 2D and 3D shapes
    • – 5 worksheets teaching students the names of 3D shapes. Students will also write the names
    • – 5 worksheets on which students will be given the names and 3D shapes and asked to draw each
    • – 2 worksheets asking students to identify an attribute (faces)
    • – 2 worksheets asking students to identify an attribute (corner / vertices)
    • – 2 worksheets asking students to identify an attribute (edges)
    • – 4 worksheets where students will match 3D shapes with their names
    • – Answer Keys
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  • $2.50

    These Commutative Property of Addition 1st Grade Math Worksheets are a great addition to your first grade print and go resources. These worksheets are great for introducing a concept, review, assessments, homework, or center practice.

    What you get:

    • – 3 Worksheets for students to write the sums and draw pictures to represent each addition sentence.
    • – 2 Worksheets for students to write addition sentences based on dominoes and then write the sums.
    • – 1 Worksheet for students to match the correct addition sentence based on commutative property
    • – 4 Worksheets for students to complete the missing addend to show commutative property
    • – Answer Keys


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  • $5.00

    This Alabama State Symbols unit is designed to help students actively participate in research and create a beautiful project while learning more about the state! It can be used for 2nd-6th grades as there are ample pages for differing levels and abilities. To see a flipbook preview, click here. (Please allow time for the full-flipbook to load as it is a large file.)

    See description below for details of what is included!

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  • $1.25

    Designed for early learners (PreK – 1st grade), this music rebus resource includes two instrument worksheets. Not only will students learn the names of 5 instruments (guitar, trumpet, maracas, bongos, drums) but they will be matching, tracing and writing. This resource is a fun way to combine music and language arts!

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  • uruguay

    Help students K-2nd grade learn about the culture of the South American country of Uruguay while they create a 12 page mini-book!

    Students will learn about the country’s location, official language, traditional clothing, animals, food and more! There are two pages of copy work  to practice handwriting and plenty of pictures to color while they are learning about the cultural highlights of the country. Use alone or with My Teaching Library’s other country study minibooks!

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  • Homeschool records - organization

    Printables you need for your homeschool records. Includes: attendance records, course of study checklist, transcript form, grade keepers, curriculum planner, goal setting, scheduling, assignments and project planners / trackers, field trip log, extra-curricular log, reading logs, music practice chart, notebooking and lapbook rubrics.

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    (Please note: Some fonts are not accurately portrayed in the flipbook. Click here to view how the fonts actually appear throughout the product.)

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  • Roman numerals 1 to 99

    Give students the practice they need with Roman Numerals! Students will be asked to convert numerals from 1 to 99. They will convert from Arabic to Roman and Roman to Arabic. They will also be asked to compare Roman numerals with Arabic numbers by placing the correct sign: greater than, less than or equal. Includes 10 worksheets – 120 problems:

    • 3 worksheets converting Arabic numbers to Roman numerals
    • 4 worksheets converting Roman numerals to Arabic numbers
    • 3 worksheets comparing Roman numerals with Arabic numbers (<, >, =)
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    Teachers edition to be used with:
    Complete Biology 1 Curriculum – Student Edition for High School (separate resource)

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  • $9.99

    Complete Biology 1 Curriculum – Student Edition for High School

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