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  • uruguay

    Help students K-2nd grade learn about the culture of the South American country of Uruguay while they create a 12 page mini-book!

    Students will learn about the country’s location, official language, traditional clothing, animals, food and more! There are two pages of copy work  to practice handwriting and plenty of pictures to color while they are learning about the cultural highlights of the country. Use alone or with My Teaching Library’s other country study minibooks!

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  • Homeschool records - organization

    Printables you need for your homeschool records. Includes: attendance records, course of study checklist, transcript form, grade keepers, curriculum planner, goal setting, scheduling, assignments and project planners / trackers, field trip log, extra-curricular log, reading logs, music practice chart, notebooking and lapbook rubrics.

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  • Roman numerals 1 to 99

    Give students the practice they need with Roman Numerals! Students will be asked to convert numerals from 1 to 99. They will convert from Arabic to Roman and Roman to Arabic. They will also be asked to compare Roman numerals with Arabic numbers by placing the correct sign: greater than, less than or equal. Includes 10 worksheets – 120 problems:

    • 3 worksheets converting Arabic numbers to Roman numerals
    • 4 worksheets converting Roman numerals to Arabic numbers
    • 3 worksheets comparing Roman numerals with Arabic numbers (<, >, =)
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  • $9.99

    Teachers edition to be used with:
    Complete Biology 1 Curriculum – Student Edition for High School (separate resource)

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  • $9.99

    Complete Biology 1 Curriculum – Student Edition for High School

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