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  • beaver shape book

    Studying Beavers? Students will love to self-publish their own work in this cute Beaver shape book! Not only can they write creative stories or poems, but you can also have them use these templates to convey what they’ve learned (comprehension) from a book or from their own research! Template size: 7.5″ tall x 7″ wide.


    • 6 possible covers
    • 13 different inside pages

    I’ve created pages with both dotted-dashed lines as well as single lines so that you can use what best fits the level of your students.

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  • $6.99

    This unit on habitats and the animals that live in each is an interactive learning unit that allows students to be hands-on and create a beautiful project be the completion of the study! Use as a mini-course, in a Science center or in conjunction with any other habitat study. Also, perfect to use for informational text studies!

    Use the complete unit (or) use only parts of it. Designed for 1st – 3rd grades so it has been designed to work well with multiple ages/grades.

    Comes in both black/white pages as well as color (so you decide if you want to print using color ink or not as well as if you want your students to color or not).

    See included habitats and animals in description below.

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  • $4.00

    Students love learning through interactive, hands-on games! This Science resource will help your students learn to identify and classify animals based on the habitat in which they live! Includes 8 habitats and 72 animal cards.

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  • $1.50

    Seals are found along most coasts and cold waters, but a majority of them live in the Arctic and Antarctic waters. Harbor, ringed, ribbon, spotted and bearded seals, as well as northern fur seals and Steller sea lions live in the Arctic region. Whether you are studying these wonderful animals or just want to add a quick side lesson, here is a Seal Shape Book that students can use to self-publish their created stories, reports and poems! Templates have differing line heights to accommodate a variety of grade levels.

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  • Beaver - Reader and Activities

    This 1st – 2nd Grade cross-curricular resource (Science, Language Arts, Art) is all about beavers and includes a READER and corresponding STUDENT ACTIVITIES! Students will learn about the beaver’s habitat, diet and how their own bodies help them survive! The reader is provided in both color and b/w.

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  • Groundhog shape book
    Spark creativity with this Groundhog shape book! Students will love creating their very own book about these little mammals also known as woodchucks! Add this to your lesson plans around Groundhog Day (in February), alongside a Science lesson on burrowing animals or anytime! This resource will have students engaged in writing and publishing.
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  • $1.50

    Studying penguins or perhaps animals of the arctic? This cute shape book is ready for students to use to publish there own stories, reports or poems about penguins!

    In this specific resource,  single lined pages are used.

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  • $5.00

    Designed to use with multiple age / grade levels, this 79 page Shark Lapbook resource will teach students about…SHARKS! By the end of project, students will not only have learned about sharks but will have a lasting project that they have created.


    • – Basic Lapbooking instructions
    • – 11 Informational pages on sharks (informational articles, diagrams, species specific details and more)
    • – OVER 50 pages of templates and instructions on how to use the templates
    • – Vocabulary with definitions

    This can be a self-contained resource (using no other outside research materials) or students can do further research to learn even more!


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  • $2.00

    This resource can be used to research and report on one bird or use again and again to create an entire collection of notebook pages on local birds. Regardless of where you live, these pages will have students observing and learning about local birds.

    Once a student identifies the bird to be researched, they will report on…
    – where the bird lives
    – habitat
    – physical characteristics
    – diet
    – predators
    …as well as self-reflection on their learning.

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  • $2.50

    Hands-on learning! Students will create their own mini-book while learning about 8 different habitats, animals that live in those habitats and what animals need to survive in their habitats!

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  • $4.00

    This engaging, hands-on project will give students the materials necessary to learn all about owls and create a great project to display their learning!

    Suggested for 3rd-6th grades. (See description for more information)

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  • $2.50

    42 colorful animal flashcards

    Suggested uses:

    • – to learn animal names
    • – to learn classification (ex: sort by habitat, number of legs, mode of transport such as flying, running or swimming, etc)
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  • $4.99

    This resource contains everything your students need to complete it. No need to do additional research, although this should be encouraged. So whether you are looking for a completely self-contained unit or one that allows for in-depth study, this is it…Snow Goose Lapbook Unit!

    Students will study all aspects of the Snow Goose’s life, vocabulary related to the informational reading contained within the unit, complete map work and more.

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  • $1.00

    Classroom poster: Penguins of the World

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  • $1.00

    11 animals that live in water – picture cards. Each card includes the type of animal, a short description and a picture to color.
    Animals included are:

    • – frog
    • – sea lion
    • – trout
    • – sea horse
    • – squid
    • – right whale
    • – bottlenose dolphin
    • – sea otter
    • – tiger shark
    • – green sea turtle
    • – sea snake
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  • $1.50

    Help students learn the differences (and similarities) between an alligator and a crocodile with this resource and have a cute 18 page mini-book to create and color!

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  • $3.50

    Studying bats? Here is a resource that will allow students to create a beautiful project that will show off what they’ve learned. This 49 page project unit includes…

    • – Explanation page about creating a notebooking project
    • – Suggested supply list
    • – Evaluation rubric
    • – Assignment page
    • – Table of contents pages
    • – Vocabulary & Reference pages
    • – Project KWL
    • – Notebooking pages
    • – Fold-able templates
    • – Bat pictures
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  • $1.50

    Studying penguins or perhaps animals of the arctic? This cute shape book is ready for students to use to publish there own stories, reports or poems about penguins!

    I’ve created pages with both dotted-dashed lines as well as single lines so that you can use what best fits the level of your students.

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