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    Your students want to learn and they love when given a chance to take charge of their learning! That is why I’ve created this U.S. Elections themed resource that will give them the opportunities they need to take charge, make decisions, collaborate and learn…all while creating a wonderful project! This resource will give the students the opportunity to learn about different aspects of U.S. elections (whether local or national) and at the same time give them choices as to what they want (or need) to focus on. It will also give them the opportunity to choose how they want to work (alone or in a group) and how they present their findings (notebooking or lapbooking).

    Of course, if you as the teacher, want (or need) to assign specifics and give them less control, you can do that as well. This resource is flexible!

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    Studying the U.S. Presidents? Whether you are looking to do a year long study on the U.S. Presidents, teach American Government or want to add something to your lesson plans around Presidents Day, these fact / info cards will be perfect for your classroom!

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    This is a downloadable copy of the book. ‘ Indian Stories’ is a mirror of Indian ideas, customs, and adventures.

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