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  • Presendential Inauguration Crossword Puzzle

    Students will love learning vocabulary related to the U.S. Presidential inauguration with this crossword puzzle! Includes two puzzles (one with a word bank and one without).

    (See included words in description below)

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  • Presidential Inauguration

    Help students learn vocabulary words associated with the U.S. Presidential Inauguration with this matching worksheet!
    (See description below for included words)

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  • $9.99

    111 page Teacher’s Guide for American Government

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  • $3.00

    This resource is a project-based activity designed to be used during any election (local, state or national). It can be completed individually or in cooperative groups. Perfect for any Civics, Social Studies, or Government classroom 6th-12th grades.

    The assignment consists of comparing / contrasting two candidates and requires students to research, report, plus give their own opinions on several aspects surrounding the various activities listed below. You can also require students to create a presentation if you’d like of all their findings!

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  • $1.99

    Whether it is an election year or not, if you are studying the U.S. Electoral College, this is a great resource for your classroom.

    Suggestions for Use:
    * If it is an election year, you can assign it for students to complete on election night.
    * Not an election year? You can still use it! Simply assign students to complete the assignment for a specific presidential election.
    * Study a variety of past presidential elections in U.S. History and how the electoral college voted! This would be a wonderful cooperative groups activity where each group completed (and reported their findings) on a different election.

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  • $1.00

    This resource is a one page b/w poster of the Preamble of the United States Constitution.

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  • $3.00

    This resource is a complete transcript of the United States Constitution including amendments 1 – 27. It is b/w (print and go) and in 23 pages in length.

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  • How to display the U.S. Flag

    32 slide PowerPoint to help students learn how to correctly display and honor the United States Flag.

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  • $2.00

    This is a downloadable copy of the book. (63 pages)
    About the book: In January 1776, Thomas Paine published a document that sparked the American fight for independence from England. His political pamphlet, called Common Sense, showed the colonists that they could be free from the tyranny of a king by creating an independent nation where they could justly and fairly govern themselves.

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  • $9.99

    This resource is a 278 page student text on American Government.

    Units include:

    • Structure and Function
    • Foundations of American Government
    • The Federal System
    • The Three Branches
    • Influencing Government
    • Civil Rights
    • Government Transformation (20s-30s)
    • Domestic Policy and Foreign Affairs
    • The Politics of Democracy
    • Personal Involvement

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