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    4 Seasons – Weekly Task Charts has been designed to help organize everyone’s day
    (for both home and school). Each task sheet is divided into 4 sections.

    The 4 sections are for:

    • Morning Tasks
    • School Day Tasks
    • Afternoon/Evening Tasks
    • Other Tasks

    Each of the above section has 6 lines (for 6 tasks) and a place to mark when completed for each day of the week.

    Each page of this 4 season (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer) resource comes with both color and b/w. You choose which you want to print and use!

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    Students will practice reading a grid map and a map key with these zoo themed worksheets. Students will be given a grid map of a zoo and asked several questions requiring them read and navigate throughout the map. There are also two additional activities to extend learning (through writing and creative design). Answer Key included.


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    Designed for early readers (Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades), this reading log has space to log up to 10 books and is flexible as you choose if students turn it in based on every 10 books read or if it is used for a specific date range!

    At the bottom of the form, students will record the title and author of their favorite book.

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